Sunday, January 10, 2010

False Economy?

Wandering round Tescos – doing our last big shop – now almost depleted and no sign of a let up in the big freeze – MTL said:

‘Choose some flowers.’ Concerned at the way our food bills have shot up and afraid to hazard a guess at what our fuel bills will be I said:

‘Oh – I was going to economise and not get any.’

In the end I obeyed my husband and am glad I did; the flowers bring some cheer to this debilitating cold.

And nobody knows (Tiddely pom)

How cold my toes (Tiddely pom)

How cold my toees (Tiddely pom)

Are growing.

A.A,Milne 1882-1956

Some say the world will end in fire

Some say in ice.

From what I’ve tasted of desire

I hold with those who favour fire.

Robert Frost 1875-1963

Economy is going without something you do want in case you should , some day, want something you probably don’t want.

Anthony Hope 1863-1933

Though nothing can bring back the hour

Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower.

To me the meanest flower that blows can give

Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.

William Wordsworth 1770-1850

Are you feeling the pinch? How would you economise? Are flowers a needless expenditure?


Anonymous said...

Why not buy flowers, if there is no bread to buy?!

I worked out I have enough food in the house for 7 days...might have to put some of Ray Mears' tips into practice soon!

One of the best ways to economise? chickpeas.

lakeviewer said...

Flowers are necessary, indeed. Cut out the sugar, the bacon, the ice-cream, for they just cause blockages and future damage. I have never seen flowers cause damage.

Kim Ayres said...

My mum always said, quoting from somehere from her own past, "If you have a penny, you should spend a ha'penny on bread and a ha'penny on flowers"

Pat said...

Cinnamon: last week we were using out of date milk and we need to get to the shops soon.

Lakeviewer: I never buy sugar but we keep some for work men. Mostly I have a low fat diet so bacon is a rarity. Like the Christmas tree flowers lift my spirits.

Ki; your Mum was a very wise lady. No surprise there then.

Pat said...

That's Kim!

Jimmy Bastard said...

I cannae ever remember a Friday night when I haven't bought Siobhan a bouquet of flowers.

....some weeks I haven't even done anything wrong.

R. Sherman said...

Dear, you know that there will be those who chastise you for succumbing to the will of the heinous Patriarchy, by blindly following YTL's decrees like that.

(Of course, he was preempting the "I'd like a new outfit" discussion.)


The Cloudcutter said...

Not for someone as lovely as you Pat! You deserve the flowers.

Zed said...

I agree, Pat deserves flowers no matter what the weather or money issues.

I have been saving money by making huge bulks of food and freezing it (thanks to that damn Domestic Goddess) and even made our hors d'ouvres at christmas to accompany a glass of white wine each:)

Pat said...

Jimmy: that's a man after my own heart - like himself.

Randall: I only do it occasionally I wouldn't want to upset the sisters:)

Cloudcutter: that's sweet of you but are you sure you don't have a Blarney stone over there?

Zed: well done! I know I should be making nourishing soups. I remember the thrill of satisfaction afterwards. I'm getting feckless I'm afraid.

kenju said...

I once read a quote and the gist of it was should you buy bread of flowers....the answer was that bread may feed the body but flowers feed the soul. I agree with that.

I think everyone is having to economize now. We eat well, but not as lavishly as we might. I don't drive as much since gasoline is so expensive now.

savannah said...

the major economy around here is wine buying, of course, it's offset by the fact that i buy books with the "savings!" flowers are as necessary as air for me which is why i have flowering plants (orchids) that last longer than cut flowers and are super easy to grow! (the serious economizer in me is making more soups and casseroles that i can divide and freeze!) xoxoxo

lom said...

If flowers bring a smile to your face you need to by them, we all need a smile in these grim days

Pat said...

Judy: lucky you - you get lots of soul food in your job:)

Savannah; I agree about orchids. I bought one about two months ago and it is only now beginning to falter so cheaper than buying weekly cut flowers.

LOM: good - I think we are all agreed.

john.g. said...

What's with the big typeface?

Pat said...

John.g: Charlie (see side bar) has eye problems as a side effect from the drug he has to take for emphysema so I'm hoping this makes it easier for him.

Charlie said...

Pat, thanks for enlarging your typeface, but I can see the old size pretty well—in other words, just use your normal font.

You're a dear, and I see why YTL buys you flowers.

If the economy gets any worse, you'll just have to cut back on booze.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE all those quotes, Pat....Many many years ago I wrote music to five or six Frost poems for a wonderful prohect at Theatre West...Fire & Ice was one of them....!

We need flowers---they feed our soul! I'm with your MTL---I don't think I can economize with No Flowers....Especially wjile it is so cold where you are, my dear. It would have to be elsewhere for me.

sablonneuse said...

Yes, definitely feeling the pinch and we need to cut down on food after Christmas and New Year. French people tend to offer flowers with roots so we have colourful hyacinths that are lasting well.

Madame DeFarge said...

We have yet to feel the pinch, but that may be more due to the careful cost watching by M. DeFarge who is intent on buying best buys and bargains. His biggest regret about me working away from home is that I rarely want him to buy me flowers on the grounds that I'm not around the appreciate them. But I miss them.

Kath said...

Whatever makes you happy! They are gorgeous - hope you all enjoy them!

Pat said...

Charlie: OK honey. Thank you for letting me know. I'm having to cut down on the booze perforce - Tesco have stopped stocking Cassis.

Naomi : I'd love to have seen/heard your Fire and Ice. You always have such beautiful flowers.

Sandy: that is an excellent idea - typical of the French.

Madame D: MTL should be thrifty but he fall for the bogof scam and then eats twice as much.

Kath: the cold kept them closed but now they are opening with a gorgeous scent.

Queenie said...

I love flowers but worry about the air miles with imported ones, so I try to buy local or fair trade if I can. I mostly buy for other people, rarely for myself these days, although I'm always delighted when visitors bring flowers for me.

Pat said...

Queenie: I hadn't really thought about air miles for flowers but as we stopped using them (planes)some years back maybe that can balance out? Glad you're back safely.

Guyana-Gyal said...

We need to feed the mind too, it's the mind that gives us ideas on how to beat a bad economy.

Exactly what Lakeviewer says...cut the bad things anyway, they end up costing more in the end with health bills.

Pat said...

GG: blogging helps to feed the mind I find:)

The Cloudcutter said...

Ok I had to google the Blarney stone reference :-) No, Pat! You couldn't get me to flatter someone even for money. I am very stingy with compliments and I meant what I said. You are lovely! Inside and out.
I replied to your comment on my blog via email. I hope you've received it.
Love & Hugs.

Pat said...

CC: thank you for the- mail and good luck with your venture.
It has taken me years to learn to accept a compliment graciously and I do so now with gratitude.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I'm spending like there's no tomorrow before the new pay cuts take effect! (-;

Pat said...

Kevin: what are you buying?

Four Dinners said...

Bloody Hell! I had to take me glasses off!!!...;-)


er...what's economise?

Carol is fully aware that voddy and ciggies (and the occasional curry) keep me happy.


No idea...;-)

Pat said...

Four.D: I left a comment here which has disappeared but I'm sure with a northern upbringing you know all about economising and going without;)