Friday, January 15, 2010

Blue skies around the corner

Leah said:

You take care too, Pat! It is so cold and yucky here in Brooklyn. I'm trying not to be longing for Spring with too much enthusiasm--after all, time is precious and one doesn't want always to be living only for the next moment--however...*whispers* I'm still longing for Spring...

which got me thinking am I wasting what’s left of my life by always insisting on having something to look forward to? For instance next week is our last jolly with the girls before Margaret – my dear friend leaves for pastures new. Then there’s my birthday lunch with the boys in March and in May we are forsaking our favourite cottage in Fremington and going further east to an equally attractive one. But I’m not wishing the time away – just relishing the thought of future delights. Rather like being on a choppy sea but the harbour lights in the distance are reassuring. Does that make sense? I do think it is important to live in the now. What do you think?

BTW if you need some self affirmation - and who doesn’t in a rather dreary January – go to Kim’s place . I’ll try to do the links but you know what I’m like and both Leah and Kim are on the side bar. Fortuitously.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I think it is important at our
age(s) to have things to look fotward to---to plan towards, and one can still live 'in the moment'....But to have things to look forward to gives one Hope--And to me, there is nothing wrong with that.
You very much 'live in the moment' Pat---at least that is how I see you, my dear. You enjoy everything and savor each day, it seems ro me.
The New Place looks reallt lovely, by the way....

Anonymous said...

Good question, Pat, and the days zip by now, don't they? I'm 74 and look forward to future events while striving to make sure I enjoy the current moment, moment by moment. Hard to do, but strive we must. (More and more in the back of one's mind is knowing that those future events just might not arrive. So we better be having fun now!)


R. Sherman said...

I think a certain amount of longing for the future is a good thing. It demonstrates hope, the loss of which can be devastating for a person's health and well-being. By the same token, however, one doesn't wish to be constantly looking to the horizon such that one misses the gifts s/he receives day-to-day.

In all things, moderation.


lom said...

Enjoy each day for what it brings and plan to, we all need something to look forward too.

Scarlet Blue said...

I agree with Mr Sherman. It's something I've been thinking a lot about lately.
Keep looking forward, Pat, it gives us a spring in our step.

Pat said...

Naomi: it's reassuring to know you feel like that also and I'm having a chocolate dessert tonight - weight watchers but delicious:)

Jack: you are a great example:)

Randall: wise words as ever. I think the longing is not so intense as one gets older.

LOM: you will admit that some days are easier to enjoy than others?

Scarlet: there's something about January that gets me taking stock and it helps getting positive feedback - one of the blessings of blogging.

The Cloudcutter said...

Look at it this way - all these tomorrows you look forward to will soon turn into nows. Which is not so bad when you think about it, your nows are good too because you planned them well in advance!
I think you're fabulous the way you take life head on. You're always going somewhere and doing something, your social life is way better than mine :-)
The cottage views are so lovely!

Four Dinners said...

'I do think it is important to live in the now'

Well, then's already gone and we haven't a scooby whether there'll be a later so now's good.

In fact. I think I'll take your advice and have a large vodka 'now'...;-)

Guyana-Gyal said...

I have a note scribbled somewhere in one of notebooks...about having something to look forward to - nice dinner, a good book. It doesn't mean we mustn't appreciate the present, appreciate it with heart and soul...but have something to look forward to also.

Besides, looking forward to good things helps us through the bad times if they come.

angryparsnip said...

I enjoy looking forward to what is planned for in the future. Living each day is important and it seems the days, weeks and months just fly by for me.
Since I am able to live in such a beautiful and I must say it quite crazy place, I take time always to just enjoy. . .


Leah said...

I'm constantly worrying about this. But I like what was said above, that looking forward is truly important too. It's a nice way of thinking about it, and not so guilt-inducing as my usual take on we shall enjoy the moment and look forward to things! I suppose that's not so impossible, is it?

I also think that you are full of sparkle, and that is most infectious. I really like visiting here.

Eryl Shields said...

I agree with The Cloudcutter: the nows wouldn't be so good if you hadn't planned them in the past. Also, I think you can look forward and appreciate the current at the same time. I am both very much looking forward to wearing jeans again (such simple tastes!) but enjoying slouching about in joggers right now. Also looking forward to being able to jog again!

You definitely seem to enjoy all your moments and are a fabulous example to us all.

lom said...

yes I admit that but you should always look for a little light in each day.

Pat said...

Cloud cutter: it's a bit early in the morning (I slept in)but that does make sense. Thank you;)


Leah: if what everybody has said stops you worrying then it has been worth while. I'm a worrier too.

GG: that says my philosophy exactly.

Parsnip: it certainly flies by. seems like every other day is Friday.

Eryll: lovely to have you around again whatever you are dressed in. Comfy things like tracky bottoms are the norm in a winter like this. I resemble Nanouk of the North at present or even Eskimo Nell.

LOM: quite right. the birds eating my fatballs are a light:)

Kim Ayres said...

The future hasn't happened and we cannot change the past. The only place we actually exist in is the now.

Which is all very Taoist.

But I see nothing wrong in enjoying the anticipation of future events - that way we enjoy them now, AND we enjoy them when they happen.

Have I told you recently you are wonderful, Pat? Well you are :)

Pat said...

Kim: Taoism sounds good sense.
You're just impressed that I did a successful link.
Only one mind - the one I did to Leah didn't work.

kenju said...

We all need something important or fun to look forward to, Pat. It's what keeps us going!

Nea said...

I can't imagine you wasting anything.

Happy New Year!

Pat said...

Judy: I'm glad you feel the same.

Nea: I do try not to;)