Thursday, January 07, 2010

Mission Accomplished

We had a phone call from the restaurant to check if we wanted to cancel and decided that as long as the taxi driver appeared we would turn up if they were happy about that - they had been having cancellations - possibly from clients further inland. Our driver turned up promptly and said the road was fine between Minehead and Dunster and he promised to come for us when we phoned. It was a calculated risk which I'm happy we took - it was a delightful evening - of which more later.

Looking down towards the castle - the tree is still up.

Looking up towards the Yarn Market.
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Guyana-Gyal said...

Woooo, it's so dark. Agatha Christie. Poirot. I know winter is long and cold but it looks and sounds exciting. [Okay, not Canada winter, that sounds scary].

Scarlet Blue said...

I spy pavement...! I'd forgotten what it looked like.

lakeviewer said...

There is more, right? Do tell.

R. Sherman said...

Congrats on the blogiversary. It doesn't seem that long.


Four Dinners said...

I really enjoy driving in the snow!!!

Did a glorious 180 near my house and almost made a 360 skid earlier in the day.

...oops...I'm training to be a driving instructor...oh eck...

Still! My pupils will be accomplished snow drivers!!!

...if they survive...;-)

Lovely pics babe x

Pat said...

GG: Dunster does look pretty at night.

Scarlet:your photos told quite a story. It must be so peaceful.

Lakeviewer: tomorrow - DV:)

Randall: I'll take that as a compliment;)

Four.D: difficult to imagine now but we used to get lots of snow and ice on the hills in Tunbridge Wells and I loved it and was ace at going with skids.
I had a refresher driving session some months back to try to regain my confidence and the instructor said I was a very good driver, but sadly the confidence has gone.

Crabbers said...

I always am present , very pretty hairstyle and you are radiating !

And I reiterate my vows of the new year :)

Pat said...

Crabbers: I am always happy to have your presence and thank you for the nice compliment. Good luck with the resolutions:)