Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why do I find a small bedroom like this utterly charming? Maybe because the only time I had my own bedroom was during my student nurse training. As a small child I shared with my brother and then my grandmother. This is the smallest room at the cottage with just the bears to keep one company

The Cedars does a great carvery, has a beautiful garden, (which I forgot to snap ) and a very large conservatory. When we were here last autumn there was the odd bucket to catch the raindrops. I had my favourite dessert here - three classic pudddings with a choice of cream , clotted cream or ice-cream. It was nostalgia on a plate.
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debra said...

The bedroom is charming, isn't it. What is a carvery (for those of us in this side of the pond)?

PI said...

Debra: sorry! A carvery is where they have a selection of roast meats - beef, lamb and pork, and the customers line up at the servery whilst the chef carves whichever meat you choose and then you help yourself to all the trimmings. Sometimes the amount people pile on their plates is mind boggleing.