Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The last of the Fremington photos

I followed a footpath by the side of this field and it took me down to the lane that leads to the quay.

There were lovely wild flowers by the roadside.

The brass plate commemorates a local man, now dead, who lovingly restored this ancient doorway
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debra said...

That doorway is incredible. What a wonderful discovery.

PI said...

Debra: it's a shame the brass plate doesn't enlarge enough to discern the name.

kenju said...

I always enjoy your photos. The green door is my favorite shape and I love the color.

Kanani said...

Now, that doorway is something you just can't buy today. Wonderful, magical!

PI said...

Judy: I must find out more about it next time.

Kanani: what's on the other side I wonder? A quest for me in October.

Nea said...

You mean you didn't knock?

Or try it to see if it was locked?

Now you've got me imagining things: a secret garden or a smugglers tunnel, sky and a sheer cliff face that drops down right in front of your feet or maybe something hobbit like inhabits the farside? And we have to wait until October to find out?

PI said...

Nea: you are a tease. Now I regret I didn't pry further and have to wait. My bet is a secret garden.