Friday, May 01, 2009

Two Men of Note.

What I love about blogging is that someone can appear on the horizon, you become hooked on their posts and soon it’s as if they had always been there. Some one who can pick you up by the scruff of your neck and transport you to a world beyond your wildest imagination. He writes with the richness of language of a Dylan Thomas or Brendan Behan and the chilling horror of a Mario Puzo - painting pictures so graphic with his words that one is held captive and spell bound.

His tales are parochial about the mean streets of the dark underbelly of a Glasgow one prays no longer exists. I could quote from his posts but he may not like it and you wouldn’t want to upset him. He may not even like me writing about him – he’s a modest man. His name is Jimmy, by the way. He is on my side-bar and if you click on his name, fasten your safety belt, you’ll give yourself a treat. He’s a writer.

The second man is very different – an actor with blonde curly hair (I call him Goldilocks) – he’s Tasmanian, appeared in ‘The Devil likes Prada’ and ‘The Mentalist’ on TV channel 5. He also appeared in my dreams last night which is odd because I don’t usually find blonde men attractive. Again give yourself a treat and watch him. There is definitely something about Simon Baker

I made an effort - midstream - to use a less clumsy link and lost the post, retrieved it and the font was up the spout. Mrs P puts me to shame and I must really try to master links.


Scarlet-Blue said...

Have you been dreaming about Jimmy, Pat?!

apprentice said...

Oh they both sound good. I'm always up for blonde curls on a man :)!

Hope you are feeling better. I ove the Hogarth BTW -I wonder how he draw our binged drinking High Streets of today?

PI said...

Scarlet: not so far. He's in my largish category of cyber sons - a lovely bunch:)

Anna: you'd have liked my eldest then - now greying a bit at the front bur still curly except he has it cropped to annoy me. the Hogarth is great isn't it? So's Jimmy.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, I'm not one for blonde chaps, but Simon gets my vote.

I'll save Jimmy's blog for a non-working day, then I can dig in.

Have you upgraded your blog? If you haven't...and you plan to, make sure you save your template first...oh, but then, blogger saves it too.

But if you've upgraded, and still have problems with links, I can help you, step by step.

PI said...

GG: you'll appreciate Jimmy's use of language I'm sure.
The link problem is a bother. It's my fault not blogger. I had notes on how to do it and have lost the knack and lost the notes. It's pathetic really.

Kim Ayres said...

Jimmy's a great find, no doubt about it :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE Simon Baker....And I like Blonds and Brunettes....He just has such a sexy look and their is also a sweetness about him, don't you think?
And just for accuracy, my's "THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA"....but 'likes' works, too..LOL

Jimmy's writing is dense and wonderful. I need to go back when I have more time....

Oh, and BTW: Part 2 is up on my French Trip....If you get a chance.

PI said...

Kim: I'm glad you think so too.

Nomi: I'll be over first thing in the morning -it's bed-time here.
It was very sloppy of me not to check the title of the film but sometimes it's just too much trouble.
Apparently Simon is married with children and Nicole Kidman is godmother to one of them.
see you tomorrow.

Sheri said...

Thanks for introducing me to Jimmy. I like to go to the 'lunatic-fringe' occasionally.

I'm already a fan of Simon Baker.

Eryl Shields said...

Your write up on Jimmy got me so enthralled that I jumped over to see for myself without leaving a comment here! I see what you mean, and will have to begin at the beginning with him at some point soon.

I've not noticed Simon Baker, though I did see 'The Devil Wears Prada.' I've never been one for blonds either but as I get older I'm softening, and I always love curls.

PI said...

Sheri:I find Jimmy's writing so powerful and what I know of him as a person is all good.
Re Simon - anyone who appears in my dreams is worthy of note;)

Eryl: I know you'll appreciate his imagery - he just seemed to appear in my consciousness from nowhere. I'm a little nervous - I know he's busy with his beloved MIL - but he doesn't know about my post yet. There might be ructions.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Jimmy's a class act right enough.

PI said...

Kevin: I hope his MIL hasn't done him in. He's been gone a long time.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Pat, what a lovely expression of friendship in your words. My daughter did some blog maintenance on my behalf over the weekend, and alerted me that someone had written a post mentioning my name.

Very kind of you indeed, and much appreciated. Thank you.

Sheri on the other hand... lunatic fringe indeed. Saucey bisom.

PI said...

Jimmy: :)xox

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, it's so easy now, you don't need notes...but as soon as I'm free, I'll tell you how. It's now copy, point, click, save.

PI said...

GG: no rush and I'll be eternally grateful.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, at first I thought you'd meant your links list...but I realise it's adding links in your blog posts.

Here goes, and this is how I do it so I don't lose things:

I write offline, so if something goes wrong, for example, if blogger freezes, I have my post AND links saved on my computer.

1. Write your entire blog post. For example: This is Simon. He is a handsome man. He is a tall blonde from Tasmania.

Now, [offline still], you want to add a link to Simon.
2. Find the site you want to link to.

3. Copy the site address.

4. Paste it [offline still] next to the word 'Simon' [remember, you're saving material here].

Now, you want to add a link to Tasmania.

5. Find the Tasmania site.

6. Copy the link.

7. Paste it [offline still] next to the word 'Tasmania'.

Okay, now you're ready to post.

8. Sign in to your blog.

9. Click on 'New Post', write your post title.

10. Copy your offline post.

11. Paste it on the blog page.

Now, for your links.

12. On your blog page, highlight and cut out the 'Simon' link that you'd placed next to the word 'Simon'.

13. Highlight the word 'Simon' on your blog page.

14. Now, at the top left of your blog page, look next to the 'b' for bold and 'i' for will see a green icon. It says 'insert link'.

15. Click on that green icon. A little box will open up. It should say: enter URL: and there's a little white space that says http://

16. In that little white space paste your 'Simon' link.

17. Double check this link that you've pasted in this little white box, you might make a mistake and there might be two http:// at the beginning of the link. If there are two, delete one. You should have http://and the site link.

18. Click, OK.

Tah dahhhh...c'est ca. That's it.

Do the same with your other links.

To be on the safe side, before you click on Publish now, check's at the top right hand corner of the blog post page.

In that preview page, if you point your mouse to [don't click on] the link you've added, and you should see the correct link.

If your everything is okay, Click 'Publish Post' [somewhere at the top or bottom of the preview page, I always have to search for it].

If I'm having problems, I click on Save Now. Then I can edit and post later. To get that saved post, I click on 'Return to list of posts' which is below the 'Publish' and 'Save' buttons.

If all else fails, you still have the post offline, in the original format.

I hope this helps xx

PI said...

GG: that's really sweet of you - thank you so much. I'll print it out then I can have it to hand to practice. We are going on holiday on Saturday so I may not have time to master it before then but I'll do my best.