Tuesday, June 10, 2008

War Child


It’s been a while since I had anything published so when I heard

  • Peach
  • was compiling a book of stories, to raise money for the charity War Child I was keen to offer something. It is a great charity and helps the thousands of children who are affected by war each year. The book is excellent value with a wide variety of over a hundred stories by many different writers. If you wish to obtain a copy and support the children you can order one here.

  • Lulu
  • The book is ‘You’re not the only one.’ And is £12.50

    If, perchance my links don’t work just click on Peach who has all the information. And thank you Peach for including my story.


    Anonymous said...

    I'm waiting until my paycheck comes in and then I'm definitely buying the book. :)

    PI said...

    Marjolein: I really hope it arrives before my holiday as it will be great holiday reading.

    Anonymous said...

    I plan on reading it during my holiday as well! I'm going away on the 8th of July, so that's enough time for the book to be delivered I think.

    Anonymous said...


    Thanks for your garden comments - the rosemary has just been divided so I think a cut back would be a trauma too many but I'll bear it in mind!

    Now, Kim - which of his many blogs should I look at?


    OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

    I went over to Lulu to buy the book---Which I did----And when I came back I see a NEW POST! Hooray!

    PI said...

    Belle: Ramblings of the bearded one. I'll come over and leave it in your comment box.

    Naomi: well done! I was having a senior moment when I went over to Lulu and had to get help from three of their staff. I got there in the end and look forward to reading it.