Wednesday, June 18, 2008

B----r Blogger!

What is referred to as the third photo down has been switched - yet again -to the first photo. Hope it makes sense:)


Z said...

Blogger used to put photos in a completely random order, which was really annoying. I used to spend ages jiggling the words and pictures around.

Mei Del said...

hmm i still have problems with the photos (and fonts).

but what lovely flowers - the rain and intermittent sunshine have really brought them out - and the loving care of course, i'm sure.

PI said...

Z:It's enough to make a saint swear. fortunately I am equable and even- tempered at all times:)

Mei del: we have had lovely weather up until today, but at least I don't have to water. Glad you like my flowers.

LOM said...

What a lovely garden

PI said...

LOM:I think June is it's best month. Last night there was a gale - pots were blown over and rose petals everywhere.