Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Quick Chat


Some time ago it was pointed out to me that in early posts it was difficult to distinguish the past from the present and # 1 son suggested I had two headings : ‘Story contd,’ and ‘Asides.’ Just lately people have been brave enough to peruse the archives so I am now making sure that at least each episode of the story of my Imperfect Past is labelled ‘Story contd.’ For non-techie me it is quite a laborious job and I have done about five months and hope to complete it shortly. Just discovered there is another four months to do, so shortly will be more longly.

I have now got my story - up to date – on one document, and my step-son has shown me how to put it on a USB memory stick instead of faffing around burning CD’s. Any comments welcomed. That was a good happening. A less good one was when the glass dropped out of my delicate specs – for no particular reason other than I dropped them. They are now altogether again but at present I’m wearing my # 2 pair and # 3 in the garden. (So please ‘scuse errors)

Yesterday I received my copy of ‘You’re not the only one’ compiled by Sarah Peach. I am trying to save it for my holiday but have started it already and – of course – made sure my own offering was there. It will be a comfort to have something absorbing if the weather is foul. So on Friday we are off to Dorset – fingers crossed we stay the course this time. It should be stress free as we are in a cottage with complete freedom to do nothing if we feel like it.

See you all when I get back and please don’t run away.


apprentice said...

Congrats on being the book and on getting your biography together. I Best wishes for a restful holiday, I truly hope all goes well this time.

Look forward to reading you when you get back.

R. Sherman said...

Good to hear you're making headway. BTW, your garden looks like a truly relaxing place, especially with a gin and tonic in the summer.


Mei Del said...

part of the fun of reading your story was discovering that i didn't have to wait days for the next instalment until I got to the present of course.

The terrific thing about the blog book of course is that you can put it down and come back to it again.

Have a lovely time in Dorset and of course I'll still be here x

Eryl Shields said...

Have a marvellous time; I hope the weather is better in Dorset than it is here.

sablonneuse said...

Have a lovely holiday and don't worry, I can't see any of us running away when we're eager for the next instalment

john.g. said...

I've just threatened Spanish Goth with your wrath. Back me up Mum2!

PI said...

Anna: thank you for your kind wishes.

Randall: you're right. I like to think of it as a pleasure garden.

Mei del: I'm glad you are sticking around and enjoy the story. Hope you didn't find the past and the present confusing.

Eryl: we have had surprisingly good days recently - without any warning which makes one feel cheated. There's a small lake and i just want to sit and look at it.

Sandy: oh while you're waiting could you water the pots please?

JohnG: there there! I've done it. Be good whilst I'm away.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Exciting that you are really getting it all together, my dear Pat. Your #1 son's duggestion is a good one. It took me a while to figure out what was what, and so this will help enormously!

I cannot find PEACH over on your Sidebar...amd I stupid, or what?

I hope you have a GLORIOUS time in The Cottage...I will be thinking of you relaxing and enjoying all there is enjoy there....! (Except a week from Friday...(27th) That's my Birthday....And I am having a Ladies Who Lunch that day....!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Dear....HELP ME! LOL! I finally realized it is in your Blogroll!!!
THAT was not clear to me! What can I tell you, my dear....The years seem to be cacyching up with my logic!

PI said...

Nnaomi: sorry about that. I tend to call it side bar as blog roll sounds like the bathroom - delicate little flower that I am:)
I'll think about you next Friday - eating chocolate cake with the Ladies. In case I forget - you know what I'm like - a very Happy Birthday to you and a happy healthy year. At last you have caught up with me, until next March:)

rashbre said...

So are there more "Asides" or "Story contd"? Another safety trick with an important document is to email it to yourself ( I speak as someone often on the road).

Then its stored in the email archive as well.

PI said...

Rashbre: interesting question. In actual content I'm not sure. The story is 110,000 words plus but, I do more 'asides'. As I am just about to leave I shall have to leave the question dangling.
Thanks for the useful trick:)

TLP said...

Oh right. I finally start reading blogs again, and you go off! Thank you very much.

Sheri said...

I nominated you for a blogging "Sharing the Love" award on my blog today. Love your posts.

Kath said...

We'd never run away!

problemchildbride said...

Good to hear it's all coming together, Pat, hun!

Enjoy yourselves in Dorset. I hope YTL is recovered enough to have a really good time and that you can relax and enjoy it to the full.

See ya when you get back. We're just back from our's - just a few days but the huge pile of washing we managed to accumulate is still not all laundered and put away yet.

PI said...

tlp: grumble, grumble, grumble - there's just no pleasing some folks:)

Sheri: thank you - I'm honoured. I have to wait for a grand-child to do it for me.


Sam: we really chilled and have almost finished the laundry. Will be round soon to catch up.