Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Your feet’s too big


Your feet's too big!
Don't want ya 'cause your feet's too big!
Can't use ya 'cause your feet's too big!
I really hate ya 'cause your feet's too big!

Fats Waller

I don’t know why I have hung on to these shoes all these years. They did cost a lot even then, what with being Rayne’s (her Maj’s cobbler) and double and triple A fittings. It was fairly clear grand –daughters weren’t going to follow in Cinder’s footsteps. They just remind me of the days when I could flit round Bond Street all day, meet an old friend for lunch do the odd gallery in the afternoon, tea at Fullers, theatre in the evening and last train home and still have change from a five pound note. (That last bit’s a lie)


Eryl Shields said...

How long have you had these, they look brand new? I used to buy Rayne shoes in the Harrods sale years ago and I'm ashamed to say I don't have a single pair left. I've never seen them up here.

PI said...

Eryl: thirty years plus. I couldn't wear them now - my feet have changed shape. The tips of the heels are the most worn. I don't think Raynes exist anymore. The good thing is now I can wear perfectly good, cheaper shoes - and do.

john.g. said...

You mention that part of London, we glazed a huge place on Old Burlington Street!!

R. Sherman said...

First handbags, now high heels. I'm starting to feel uncomfortably poofish stopping by here. How about a few entries about whiskey shots with beer chasers?

Nea said...

Very elegant. I could never flit in them;)

PI said...

Johng: is that what you did? It must have been a fascinating area to work in. Did you ever break anything?

Raandall: and wild, wild women? Coming right up:)

Nea: no;they're hardly flitting shoes.

Cream said...

Thirty years old?
They've been back in fashion at least twice!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oooh yes, Cream's right. Niiiice.

I have a thing for red. Vulgar, I know but I want a pair of red high heel sandals.

PI said...

Cream: pity they no longer fit.

GG: red shoes are gorgeous. Look at Moira Shearer:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It ios hard to remember that I ever wore shoes like this..It truly does seem like another lifetime! They are very pretty, but in fact, my feet were never happy in heels....LOL!
Michele sent me tonight, my dear.

PI said...

Naomi: running round town in them now would be a nightmare but I did find them useful on stage when they seemed to have a life of their own and one could trill about in them with aplomb.