Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dark grey heelesss.

Black patent - toeless

Gold and perspex? sandals

Cream - not yellow and perspex? sandals.
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kenju said...

Beautiful shoes all, Pat. I have not had a pair like that since I was in my early 40's. Plantar fascitis made sure that I had to get rid of all my heels. I miss them yet!

kenju said...

Michele sent me back, Pat. You know she is a fan of high heels, too. I didn't pay attention before, but 3 of these are ankle straps. I was always partial to them!!

My favorite pairs were both Anne Klein, one gray suede and one orange linen. They were both 3" high, slim wedges.....very sexy with the tiny ankle straps!

PI said...

Judy: sooner or later we all have to give them up. Eventually I found ankle straps made my feet swell but it was after my three fractures that I really stopped - apart from a mini heel on rare occasions.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

I favour ankle straps too. They're pretty and make dancing in heels easier.

PI said...

Sam: it's a puzzle how they manage to walk in sone of the creations they wear on the cat-walk and goodness knows how their feet will end up.

Kanani said...

I love those shoes, especially the yellow ones. I can't wear heels anymore! First I had bunions, and then I had my foot rebuilt to get rid of the bunion. Anyway, for a long time I had this weird habit: I collected shoes --even if I wasn't going to wear them! I'd find them in bargain bins in the garment district. Silk with fur, with sequins, boots with laces.... all sorts. Everyone used to laugh that this was my hobby since I'd never wear them. I finally got rid of the "Collection" when it hit 80 pairs by giving them to a charity house to sell!