Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Persona non grata


A couple of times recently I have got the following message when clicking on to someone on my side bar:-
'This blog is open to invited readers only'

Then I''m invited to sign in and my google password is rejected. Unfortunately I don't have the e-mail address to check this isn't a mistake. I totally respect the right of a blogger to approve his or her readers but is there something more sinister afoot? I would hate it to happen to a friend.



'Lofty Perch' had that a while back - she's got shot now. I had to sign in with a totally different mail addy to the one I'd signed into blogger with. Only found the right one by accident.

Not sure of the point of it myself.

amy said...

I think this is me, yes?
The most important thing, i think, is that if i had an 'approved readers' list, Pat, you'd be right at the top! So it's absolutely not that you've been blocked.
Ideally i'd like to be able to put up a custom message explaining what's going on... which (short-ish version) is that i've switched my blog settings so that only i can access it for a while, in order to try to discourage someone local and a bit creepy from persistently trying to contact me. It seems like the only way (short of deleting the whole thing, which i don't want to do) to make sure he gets the message... but unfortunately Blogger's default message is giving non-scary people that i like the wrong message at the same time! It would be less confusing, i think, if Blogger didn't divert people to the same message for both 'invite-only' blogs and 'author-only' blogs.
So, everything's ok; the guy's creepy but probably harmless. More 'worrying' than 'sinister'... but better safe than sorry, right?

PI said...

4d: thanks! All sorted now:)

PI said...

Amy: so glad to have your message. Actually whilst sending an e-mail I realised I did have your address so that was fine. And I understnd perfectly your reason. What a bore!
I have comment approval so anything horrid here would get deleted. In fact it has happened with two others and I know for a fact that one of them was getting horrid messages because I saw it. but as I don't have their e-mail address I have just left it. Such a pity!

john.g. said...

I'm always open, Mum2!

PI said...

Johng: xoxoxoxoxox

Carmi said...

Good question, Pat. My best guess is some folks have experienced stalking or some other nefarious behavior online, and have resorted to invitation-only arrangements to keep the nasties at bay.

I've had my own fair share of weirdos take aim at me - including one moron who regularly posts on Michele's, ironically - but I find they eventually go away if ignored. Invitation-only would be a last resort indeed.

Speaking of Michele, she sent me today. Hope you're well as the weekend approaches!

PI said...

Carmi: yes that was the reason and I understand now. It always feels safer to know there are people like you around Carmi.