Sunday, July 16, 2006



It has become a family tradition, when visiting the Sussex branch of our family – on a fine summer day to say
‘Let’s go to Nymans.’
Nymans is a beautiful local garden open to the public.  We set off in two cars – the men leading the way and following tradition found it was closed so - as was our wont- we decided to go to Wakehurst Place – the only difference being that this time the men got lost and, as it is written in tablets of stone that men must never ask for directions the whole morning was spent up and down the highways and byways of Sussex.
Eventually we happened upon it and my daughter in law, grand-children and I manfully did not smirk or snigger.  At all!

Wakehurst Place holds the famous Kew Garden unique collection of endangered plants and the staff spend many years experimenting to produce seeds.  It is all very clearly laid out and tabulated and the gardens are a joy to wander round.

My D in L – who spoils me rotten took me for a treat to a beauty salon – hence the fish, I had the best facial ever which encompassed head, neck and hand massage.

Sussex in the summer is stunning.  A great little break.


Granny said...

It must be a tradition as well that the men lead.

Granny said...

And the pics are great. I've fallen a little behind in reading and a lot behind on commenting.

Will do better when girls are back in school.

Granny said...

Just linked to this post on isamericaburning.

I've been scouring the blogs looking for good news.

The Milennium project qualifies.

Oops - wrong post. I'll go fix it now.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, yeah, except for the parts the masseuse missed.

PI said...

Hi granny: I know how busy you must be so it's great to have you visit. The seed project is good news and it is fascinating how the natural elements from trees and plants are used in treating almost everything.
You have men like that in the States? I'll bet Hoss is an exception.

Hi Hoss: the parts the masseuse missed are private and not for publication. See you tomorrow.

AndrewM said...

I trust you partook of the magnificent Harveys Ales. You can't beat it.

PI said...

andrewm: MTL tells me he had London Pride. He knows and likes Harveys but the restaurant didn't have it. Mostly I made do with champagne. But I'm not grumbling!


smashin pics. slummin' it on champers eh? Glad yer had a good trip

PI said...

Thanks 4d - it's nice to be back.

R. Sherman said...

I was going to comment on your photos, which are lovely, as always. However, the way my pop-up comment window is the first three letters of your last sentence were obscured.

I couldn't agree more, but why limit your options to twenty-five percent of the year?


PI said...

Randall you rascal! I couldn't think what you were referring to and then the penny dropped. Doh!

Growing Up said...

It sounds like you had a good trip.:)

PI said...

Hi GU; it was good; short but sweet.