Thursday, April 09, 2015

Easter Visitors

 The Stellata was out
 The garden had been given some definition
 The magnolias popped out
 There was work to be done:  two old beds for the dump.  Great idea to use the balcony rather then trail through the house.
 Thar she goes!
 Since the grandchildren were toddlers we have visited the Cider Farm.  It never palls. but the kids were sad old Cynthia the pig was no more.
 There are goats,
 very exotic hens - I expect Granny Annie will know what they are.
 Now in their early twenties swings are still fun.

Tom, Jenny and Alice - no missiles:)
 This is where the cider is made - I think.  There is a video explaining the procedure.
 I imagine this is where it is stored.
 The shop - full of goodies and all kinds of cider and to  the right is a nice caff where we shared Andrew's bacon sandwich and tried not to think of Cynthia.
 It's an owl.
 The pigs are so ugly they are beautiful.  I used to think the same of the young Tom Jones

 Aren't curved paths inviting? 
 We had lunch at one of my favourite pubs - the Crowcombe Arms.  We had my 80th there.  Andrew said he didn't think we would go again until my 90th!!!  This was an interesting bar with the original cattle stalls and to the left the bowling alley-  but the table was already booked.
 So we move to this bar overlooking the garden.
 Three generations - alice , Tom, Andrew and Pat.  Super lunch.
 Easter Day Jenny organised an egg hunt and there was great rivalry between the grand- kids.
 Careful on those steps!
Tom was the winner.  Actually they missed one and Karen the gardener found it this morning and I graciously allowed her to eat it:)


John Greenwood said...

Eighty??? You're never EIGHTY!??

angryparsnip said...

awwww what a fun day. The family tradition of visiting Cider Farm makes it even more special. Curved paths are always so much more inviting. A walk to discover what is around the next curve.
As always I love your garden.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Parsnip: amazing how time flies. I wonder if Alice and Tom will one day take their respective children there.

John: quite right I am not eighty. Next question.

Kim Ayres said...

because your first photos were all about the garden, for a brief moment I thought you'd installed a goat and hens into your back garden. Then I realised you'd changed subject... ;)

Pat said...

Kim: my apologies - I have very little control over the photos these days. I'm just so thankful I can post them. BTW the bluebells are out.

Anonymous said...

You are never to old for the swings or an Easter egg hunt. :D

Pat said...

Helen: I'll take your word for it:)

Anonymous said...

But you said you had your 80th at the Crowcombe Arms!

maurcheen said...

Lovely. You are a handsome family. :-)


Pat said...

John: That is true. It is also true that I am not eighty.

Maurcheen: Alastair was the gorgeous one.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Your garden, as always, looks lovely! And what a GREAT outing with your very dear family.....I LOVE all the animals....Sorry about that favorite Pig.....

And sorry I have been such a bad blogger.....Hard times with my health, my dear......just no energy ---But, I'm hoping always to get to feeling somewhat better.....Not sure that is going to happen.

I always love your posts, my dear Pat.....and you gave me a good chuckle about not being 80----Me too! (lol)

Pat said...

Naomi: real life does get in the way of posting doesn't it. I have just wasted half a day on a leaking radiator- marking my lovely yellow chiffon wall paint in the hall below.
I do hope the Spring will bring an improvement to your health.
Glad someone shares my S.O.H.

Kim Ayres said...

mmmMMMmmm... bluebells...
Will be at least another 3 weeks, possible 4 before they appear here. Looking forward to it :)

Pat said...

Kim: I fear the ones in my garden may be Spanish - inferior to the more delicate British ones.