Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blossom in Durham

A bit later than Somerset:  my S.I.L's tree in Peterlee.


Anonymous said...


maurcheen said...

They are blooming all over our neighbourhood at the moment, so cheery. :-)


angryparsnip said...

What a beautiful tree. Spring is really starting.

cheers, parsnip

rashbre said...

We've been having those kind of blossom storms too.

Mage said...

Simply georgous.

Ms Scarlet said...

I am also in bloom!!!
Lovely, Pat.

Nea said...

Still sleeting here, but the snowdrops are out :)

Vagabonde said...

What a lovely tree! I enlarged the photo to view it better – the color is quite pretty.

Pat said...

John: thank you but it isn't nearly so magnificent as yours.

Maurcheen: it is probably my favourite time of year.

Parsnip: at last!

Rashbre: fleeting but delightful.

Mage: you always make everything look so great. Your roses are incredible.

Scarlet : I know you are bloomin' lovely.

Nea: I'm still struggling to grow snowdrops and the people who give them to me question me how they are doing so I feel guilty when they don't perform. Maybe next year.

Vagabonde: so glad you like it.