Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Alter Ego?

My Alter Ego?

Enjoying  an aperitif with our French son at Brazz in Taunton I realised I was being warmly embraced from behind.

“Marigold!  I just couldn’t leave without saying hello.”

I turned to see an attractive middle aged woman about to plant a kiss on my cheek.  Over the last few weeks I have become accustomed to being hugged by kind people I hardly knew.  So I smiled at her, but her jaw dropped.

 “You’re not Marigold are you?  I’m so sorry – you look just like her from behind.”

“No no – that’s perfectly alright.”

So very English but I would have loved to have known a little bit more about Marigold.



Kim Ayres said...

My mum said she once answered the phone to a man who said, almost in a whisper, "Can we talk? Is he out just now, or do you have to be careful?"

She said she responded that she didn't know who he was or what he was talking about, and the man, rather embarrassed admitted he must have the wrong number, and hung up.

Mum said afterwards she really wished she'd said, "it's all clear, go ahead..." :)

angryparsnip said...

I want to be called Marigold too !

cheers, parsnip

Eryl said...

There is nothing of the Marigold about you!

I haven't been around much, and apologise for that, but have thought of you every day, and am so glad you still have family with you.

kenju said...

Such a lovely name. Maybe you will run into her quite by accident sometime. I hope so.

mapstew said...

Aw, I've made friends in that way. They see me bald heid and think I'm ******.

Folk are nice aren't they? :¬)


Rog said...

I've got her gloves

lom said...

I have done this, I once told a work friend where I was with hubby for a birthday meal. When we pulled up on the car park there was a car that looked just like hers on the car park, we walked into the pub and there was this little dot of a thing with long dark hair with her back to me. I ran over threw my arms around her and proclaimed you can join us but I am not paying for pudding. Imagine the look on both our faces when she turned round and it wasn't her!

Z said...

I'm glad you're being hugged, even when it's by mistake.

Chef Files said...

Patricia, Marigold, you're still my wee hen, whatever your alter ego.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I love that the woman hugged you, thinking you were Marigold! (GREAT Name,isn't it?) I'm happy your French son is with you, dear Pat....Sending (((((((HUGS)))))) from Across The Pond, and I know it is you, Pat....(lol)

Scarlet Blue said...

This could be a prompt for a new book... or at least a short story!
I also apologise for not being around much, but you have been in my thoughts.

Mike and Ann said...

I think you dealt with that very well Pat. Still, as Z implies, nothing wrong with a nice spontaneous hug.

keiths ramblings said...

Marigold is probably being approached on a regular basis by people calling her Pat. Enjoy it, we can never get enough hugs!

debra said...

Marigold must be a lovely woman. Or at least the heroine of a story.

Mage said...

Ah, but this left us all smiling.

John Greenwood said...

Virtual hug from here!! xx

Pat said...

Kim: must have been a bit unnerving, most of us have the odd secret in our past.

Parsnip: I have known two Marigolds - not very well - but they were different - in a nice way.

Eryl: most of the time it is just me, which makes the visits even more special.

Judy: I'd loved to have asked how old she was - for obvious reasons - if only from behind:)

Map: approachable?

Rog: I got there in the end:)

LOMN: it makes a good floor show:)

Z : I remember an old friend - after she was widowed telling me that she had never been so hugged in all her life.

Chef: that's nice:)

Naomi: he's just phoned and is back in Paris but another branch come soon and I have so much to do after visiting the solictor on Saturday.

Scarlet: I'm being lax at visiting but should get bak in a routine soon.

Mike and Ann: it's easier to handle when you have family with you I think.

Keith: there is that:)

Marigold: such a pretty name -such a pity it is used for rubber gloves.

Mage: that's what I like to hear.

John: received with thanks:)

Guyana-Gyal said...

More hugs from me!

eek. I must confess...I'm one of those who walk up to people, mistaking them for others. I did this to a woman once, hugged her, thinking she was an "auntie". She looked so happy.

Speaking of Marigold, my mother's always telling me I MUST watch the movie called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. She said it's hilarious.

Sharon Longworth said...

If Marigold is the sort of woman who inspires spontaneous hugs, then clearly there wasn't much of a mistake at all. You're practically twins x

Pat said...

GG: as usual your mother's taste is impeccable. And as usual I enjoyed the book and would love to see the film.

Sharon: what a lovely thing to say on a cold Monday morning. Time I came over to see what you have been up to:)

The Unbearable Banishment said...

What a coincidence! Marigold it my drag name.

Granny Annie said...

What more can be said after the comment above from The Unbearable Banishment? LOL

LL Cool Joe said...

Marigold sounds so English doesn't it? A warm embrace from behind is always nice, well actually I wouldn't find it nice, but most normal people would. ;D

Pat said...

UB: Oh! Images I can do without.

Granny Annie: he's awful!

Joey: the whole incident was frightfully English:)
Glad you're bsck.