Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Earlier days

 Our first visit to Vermont together in 1981.  P and A at rear, his niece bottom L, his nephew bottom R

Another niece bottom L

 Very early days in the Lake District 1949 - a year that ended in tears.

At a nurse's Reunion in the Lake District.  ? Late eighties?
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OldLady Of The Hills said...

Such precious photo's Pat...I love that 1949 picture, though the year did end in tears.....Vermont. You and Alastair are such a beautiful couple. These pictures are so wonderful....I hope you have lots and more. There is nothing like photographs to remind one of the special times in your life, And to hold close in these very tender times...Sending you many hugs, my dear Pat. (((((((HUGS)))))))

Gia Fernandes said...

Thank you so much for sharing these Pat. They are such a treasure. Looking forward to more...

Lots of hugs and warm thoughts coming your way.

Chef Files said...

Can't say that I fully approve of the canoodling going in one of the photies m'lady, amorous clinches can sometimes lead to young ladies being sent away to convents for a spell. My eyebrow rose 3" in one corner at first viewing. However, on this occasion I can only assume that you had chaperones sitting just out of view of the lense and that you had stumbled in those rather large worky boots and had fallen on top of your intended.

Tell you what though hen, who could blame the young fella, natural beauties are hard to come by, he must have been extremely proud.

kenju said...

What Naomi said. I love seeing your photos.

savannah said...

Lovely! Much love to you, Pat. xoxoxoxo

Kim Ayres said...

Lovely photos! I do sometimes wonder about the loss of the family albums. We have them up until about 2003, then I got about a year behind in keeping them up to date, then I got a digital camera and we've not printed out the images since - all the images are on computer and discs.

Mage said...

Those photos tell a wonderful story of love.

John Greenwood said...

It's good you can share your photos. Love, John. xx

angryparsnip said...

Lovely photos and what treasures you have.

I so agree with Kim about the loss of the photo album.
It is so easy to sit and look at photos with family or friends on the sofa instead of let all scrunch in at my desk an look at my computer screen.

I laughed at Chef Files comment, especially the "stumbled in the rather large worky boots" part

Big hugs from Tucson
cheers, parsnip

Z said...

You're right, Kim, I don't get photos printed nowadays - on the other hand, because I've scanned a lot of old photos onto the computer, I've been able to share them with the family. As a photographer, I wonder if you keep your files of family pics carefully labelled and filed as you do the ones you take professionally?

Sorry to take over your comment box, Pat. I love the photos.

Pat said...

Naomi: I had to get rid of my scanner as it wasn't compatible with this computer but am getting one at the week-end - with my French son- and will be able to access more photos hopefully.

Gia: thank you:)

Chef: yes that's exactly how it happenesd and we were of course chaperoned(or my parents would not have allowed it) by my late nursing pal Tommy and MTL's fellow student - the late Jeep.
Sadly MTL's grandpa died suddenly and he rushed off to Invergordon - thus avoiding any further amorous clinches.


Savannah: thank you.xoxox

Kim: as long as they are somewhere safe - that's the main thing:)

John: MTL may not approve but he shouldn't have left me.

Mike and Ann said...

When our grandchildren were rather younger, there was nothing they loved more when staying than looking through our old photograph albums. We had to answer questions like :- "Did my mummy really look like that ?" and "Did EVERYONE wear skirts that short in 1970, Granny?"

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Who took the black and white photo!? That's such a private moment but SOMEONE had to snap the shutter. Glad they did!

mapstew said...

Lovely pics of a very handsome couple! :¬)


Pat said...

Mike andAnn: I think it is goodthat they should see how we were once.

UB: we were a quartet - two nurse friends and two undergrad friends. My parents insisted there should be four of us and that we should stay in a youth hostel. I wasn't quite the shameless hussy in the photo.
I knew he was taking the photo- you can see I'm smiling.

Map: nice of you to say so:)

Gadjo Dilo said...

Delightful! I'm also very taken by the picture from 1949. My aunt Doris showed me some very old black-and-white photos of herself and her husband when they were courting, sitting on the grass together grinning - she was 90+ years old when she showed them to me, disabled, and had had a less than satisfactory life, and it fairly brought tears to my eyes.

Guyana-Gyal said...

A scanner, that's what I should get. All my photos are in envelopes, in a basket.

Looking back at earlier days, happy times, makes me feel good.

You're the storyteller of the family, aren't you, Pat? The younger ones will look here and enjoy.

Bernie said...

Lovely photos Pat!!! I love looking back at the 'good times', although, these seem to be more of an 'electronic' format as most of, if not ALL my photos are digital!!

Pat said...

Gadjo: it's good that we are reminded that we were all young once, and - if we are lucky - will all grow old one day:)
Oldphotos can be so evocative.

GG: funny you should say that; two of the boys reminded me of a story I had written - based on truth - where an elderly woman took with her to Talking Newspaper a bottle of water, which unbeknownst to her had been laced with gin by her naughty husband - not intending her to discover it. They had found it hilarious.

Bernie: I wouldn't swop my digital for anything. I just wish I could learn how to file them properly. I often trawl for ages looking for a particular one.

Eryl said...

Ye gads, he was a looker wasn't he? I love the look on his face in the second photo.

LL Cool Joe said...

It's always strange seeing old photos isn't it? It's even stranger for me of course. I'm glad you have such good memories. :)

Pat said...

Eryl: so they say. I only appreciated it in retrospect and preferred his more mature look when we were reunited.

Joey: all the photos I find very comforting. One is frightened of
memories fading.