Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today's blooms

Below is Casa Blanca lily-highly scented with glistening white flowers. This measures 8-9 inches in diameter.
My first aganpanthus is doing well. That yellowy foliage was therefrom the start

Everybody admires these orange flowers. They are much better in their second year.
They are either Silene 'Jack Flash' or Sparaxis - I think I orederd both.

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Scarlet Blue said...

I love a bit of colour on a Sunday. Lilies are my favourite flowers, I love the heavy scent of them.
Thank you for this cheerful post, it's needed.

Pat said...

Scarlet: Jimmy has done as you asked - with apologies - but I haven't found his comment yet. And i couldn't see a relevant blog roll over at his the last time I looked.

Scarlet Blue said...

I have seen his correction! From Miss Ginger to Ms Ginger!!!
Cheeky what-not!
I think slow connection speeds can sometimes make it harder for a blog to load completely? Mr Jimmy definitely has an excellent Blog roll.

Pat said...

Scarlet: what can I say? The divil!

Granny Annie said...


Pat said...

Granny Annie: :)

john.g. said...


sablonneuse said...

Your garden must look lovely, Pat. Most of the gardens here were devastated by a hailstorm (winds 140kph) a few weeks ago so I feel for the serious gardeners in our village.
I'm giving blogging a rest for a while but will pop by to see you now and again.

angryparsnip said...

Pat, your garden is always so lovely. Thank you for posting some photos.
In my home in Laguna Beach , that I loved so much but had to the front garden patio you had to walk up steps to get to the house, I had aganpanthus planted from the front door straight down and around the corner, in front of the floor to ceiling windows. They bloomed like it seemed forever. Fabulous !

Love the the wonderful pot you have them planted in. Looks so lovely next to your white walls and cobbled path.
Beautiful !

cheers, parsnip

LL Cool Joe said...

I was quite pleased with my attempts at planting out some pots, until I saw yours. :D


what a beautiful "homescape" you've created, pat - just beautiful - and i love the fragrance of lilies, too, and these are just gorgeous - i'll be moving to new quarters in a bit and am so happy that the previous owner was a lily-lover - in the literal sense - things a bit overgrown otherwise but i'm anxious to get started with a rake and hoe and good yard guy! ;) thanks for sharing your pretties!

R. Sherman said...

So what if I hire you as floral subcontractor (all expenses paid) to come to SE Missouri and dress up my yard? Are you in?


Pat said...

John.G: how is your garden doing?

Sandy: hope all is well. Always happy to see you:)

Parsnip: how marvellous to have a corridor of agapanthus.
I bought the pot years ago in Tunbridge Wells. It has a saucer too. I must remember to bring it in in the autumn.

LL col Joe: Mine are never so good the first year. They will get better. You do talk to them don't you?

GypsyWoman: I hope all goes well with our move. You'll enjoy creating a garden.

Randall; I'm in - I'll do the pots if you take me hiking.

john.g. said...

Mum2, the garden is doing well. We have a gardener in for the heavy work, as Dad is struggling with aching bones!

Kath said...

The Casa Blanca Lily is beautiful! Beautiful flower, beautiful name x

Pat said...

John.G: good. I find it an enormous help.

Kath: it is lovely isn't it? I have another new one about to open.


and i'll be getting some of these beautiful casa blancas! they really are magnificent!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The Casablanca Lily is BEAUTIFUL!! (Here they are pure White....!)
The Agapanthus is lovely and that Orange/Red flower is very very pretty! You always have such lovely things growing in your garden Pat......

Pat said...

Gypsy woman: a very suitable flower for you:)

Naomi: the third lily I planted is about to bloom and that is meant to be pure white but I haven't the name to hand.