Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is that a patch of blue?

It feel as if the clouds have lifted somewhat. Nothing much has changed – MTL still has numbness in his hands and feet but I feel we have turned a corner. The other day I blind-folded him (courtesy of some old air-line mask) and guided his hand to touch:

a/ A metal grater.

b/ A silk scarf.

c/ A rough towel.

d/ The bristles of a clothes brush

e/ My flesh.

His reactions were:

a/ A rough pan scrub.

b/ Silk.

c/ A pan scrub

d/ A piece of cloth

e/ A kind of cloth.

Not very scientific but at least I know he does feel something and when he sees his doctor and consultant later on they can do their own testings. Of course it may be nothing to do with the chemo.

He continues to eat and sleep well and has got a tan from sitting in the garden. I seem to have lost the gift of sitting, soaking up the sun but do lots of pottering in the garden.

Good news - our eldest grandson has at last passed his driving test, has a car and is all set to drive the 24 miles to his new permanent job which would be very difficult with public transport. Another ray of sunshine – my dear friend Margaret is coming to spend three nights here so we can celebrate the ‘girls’ August birthdays. There’s been some wilting since she left for Cheltenham.

Writing – other than blogging - is going well and I’m following Daisyfae's idea of doing something for thirty days. This should ensure I complete the present project in good time. Below are some shots of The Northfield Hotel where we lunched last Sunday and I met an interesting woman in the Ladies Cloakroom. I hope to continue our conversation when she comes to coffee this week.

My regulars may remember some time back when my younger son and I spent a week-end at the Duke of York Inn in Iddlesleigh. I now learn from an article by Nicola K Smith that a regular of the pub (now up for sale alas) is Michael Morpurgo. Not only did he used to listen, spell bound to his friend the late Ted Huges, but he also met a Captain Budgett a First World War veteran:

He talked in this moving way about how it was to be there as a young man of 17, leaving this tiny place and going to the horror of the trenches, and he said the only person- he used that word- he could talk to about how frightened he was, was the horse. I was very touched.”

Morpurgo wrote a book about the village which tells the story of the boy and his horse. This resulted in War Horse and Steven Spielberg has just finished filming the big screen adaptation. Who knew?


kenju said...

That was a very good set of tests you did with MTL. I'm sure the docs will be impressed too.

Enjoy seeing your photos; such charming places!

LL Cool Joe said...

I thought the touch test was very interesting. There won't be any sitting or pottering around in the garden in this part of the UK today as it's pouring with rain.

Lovely photos too. :)

Pat said...

Judy: I don't know if I'll even share it with the doctor and I wouldn't expect him to be impressed. It just seems like common sense. I would preferred him to have compared my skin to silk - his normal reaction - but at least he didn't say rough pan scrub:)

LLCoolJoe: just lately, in this part of Somerset at least part of the day has been sunny and I fully expect about tea-time to have a quick potter in the sun.

john.g. said...

My sense of touch is the same!

Pat said...

John.G: do you mean the same as MTL or the same as it was before the accident?

Macy said...

We're back to the usual grey skies and rain again - but I still wouldn't swap for Somerset's sunshine if chemo had to be involved.
Good luck with your next doctor's appointment.


what an incredibly beautifully poignant post, pat - very moving, the all of it - all beautiful - thank you so much for sharing - and to also be able to look forward to a magnificent new book to read and a fantastic spielberg film, about which i knew nothing prior to your post here -

Pat said...

Macy: thank you. Things are definitely brighter and with you I hope.

Gypsywoman: thank you for those kind words. I also look forward to the book and film.

angryparsnip said...

I am happy to hear all is progressing at your home. Taking each day as it comes is the best way sometimes.

There is a Broadway Show called War Horses that I think and has gotten rave reviews. Is it the same one ?
If Steven Spielberg is directing I probably will have to pass on the movie. Everyone adores his movies but I don't especially care for them. Heavy handed and if I see one more young child spouting wisdom, his go to cliche I think I will scream.
I am happy for Michael Morpurgo though.

Wonderful post today.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Parsnip: yes the play must be the same one and yes it is great for Michael Morpurgo. I knew there was something special about that place.
It's years since i saw a Spielburg film.

john.g. said...

The same as MTL, due to the accident.

Pat said...

John.g: oh sorry about that love.

lom said...

Pleased to hear MTL is on the mend.

Is that the same war horse that is being done as a play with life size puppets?

Pat said...

LOM: I believe the horse is a life size puppet. I should think the rest are actors.

The Cloudcutter said...

Sending you good vibes, dear Pat. I hope your wonderful man gets better soon.

Jimmy said...

His strength is yours hen, there is no greater bond than that of husband and wife.

Miss Scarlet said...

Thank goodness MTL didn't say pan scrub for 'e'!

Wery pleased to read that he is on the mend.

Pat said...

CC:many thanks - all the good wishes, vibes and prayers have sustained us and continue to do so.

Jimmy: that is true. I think we are both very blessed.

Scarlet: them's my sentiments entirely:)

Granny Annie said...

You could probably qualify for a medical degree if not an associate medical degree after all you guys have been through. I think the feeling test was phenomenal.

So far the advance reviews on WAR HORSE are not sounding very good. I hope it is only sour grapes on the part of the critics. It is scheduled to be in theaters on August 10th.

Eryl said...

There were an awful lot of pan scrubs in there, do you have that poor man washing dishes day and night?!

Pat said...

Eryl: he has quite a vivid imagination:)

R. Sherman said...

Congrats on grandson's driver's license. I'm in the process of teacher the Elder Son how to drive.

Pray for me.


Pat said...

Randal; I don't know what it is like over there but the tests here are now very difficult. Not that that's a bad thing with the young goodness knows. Good luck with the lessons:)

Z said...

I saw a photo of Jill Freud in the local paper a couple of days ago and I thought, crumbs surely she's older than I am? She doesn't look it. Then I read she's over 80. She's not the sort to have had surgery or botox - but she looks almost as good as you do. I won't when I get there, but you're still an inspiration.

Anyway, I think that was a helpful test that will have given you both encouragement, although I bet he wishes he'd said silk for e.

Pat said...

Z: the woman I met recently turned out to be 2 years older then me although I was certain she was younger. When I was 20, 30 was middle -aged. Times have changed.

mapstew said...

Remember to sit (sometimes!). Mrs. Map too is always on the go, I often have to force her to sit and have glass of Merlot!

Fate brought you two back together, and love has been the glue. Superglue! :¬)


Kim Ayres said...

You say your test was a bit of common sense, but we all know how uncommon that sense is! I think your years as a nurse probably help enormously. But as Map says, do take time to sit down yourself :)

savannah said...

i'm so glad i know you, sugar! all the best to you both! xoxoxoxox

Pat said...

Mapstew: nice comforting words and I do have some time out every day. I have to at this time of year when early rising is the norm.

Kim: with Sheila to help in the house and Karen in the garden I've 'never had it so good.'
I may not sit in the garden but naps and reading and even scrabble make sure I switch off frequently.

Savannah: thank you - the feeling is mutual.xoxoxox

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I swear I left a Comment here....Well, drat!!
Hope you check The Dashboard Pat....(Blogger is acting very strange....)
Come by if you get a chamce, my dear...the last of The Birthday Posts is up!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Just realized I had left my comment under your Pictures....Disregard my "drat"!

Pat said...

Naomi: I always check Dashboard at least once a day so found these last night. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.
I'll be over some time today.DV

Kath said...

You all are in our prayers - always! I'm glad to hear the good news

Pat said...

Kath: thank you so much:)