Monday, April 04, 2011

Early Start

Up at six with a sudden glimmer of how to get round the Picasa problem. I used to post photos on my blog quite happily before I’d ever heard of blessed Picasa. Could I remember how to do it? Whatever - it didn’t work and I almost got registered with Snapfish (don’t ask) but chickened out before the final click. The good news is that # 1son and grandson are coming later this month and my grand-daughter – a computer whiz is coming next month. Yippee!

Last week was busy: the Reunion with the girls in Taunton was great fun and well worth the bone-shaker bus journey. Two of the girls have mobiles and also are now on line. ‘Be sure to charge your mobile,’ I reminded Margaret. We finally found her in Debenhams – she had dutifully charged it – just didn’t bother to switch on. I do understand, as I only grew out of that reluctance to use the battery when MTL was in hospital. My landlady gave me excellent advice:

‘Keep it on all day and recharge it every night.’ In that situation it worked a treat.

Same problem with e-mails: ‘Check your in-box,’ I beg them. The other day I got six e-mails from one of them with the sixth one – finally- completing the one line message.

We had coffee at Debenhams and then drifted round looking for somewhere nice for lunch. An expensive one looked a bit lifeless and we ended in the County Stores which has been done over upstairs, but still has a nice old-fashioned feel. The drill is the birthday girl is treated to lunch and she gets the wine. It was a long lunch and people kept stopping at the table to ask if it was someone’s birthday. In the end everyone was so relaxed they were not only pointing out the birthday girl but telling her age. Thanks guys! I felt like the prize exhibit.

We had a sweet waitress – Maisie, who kept stopping for a chat. She was small, blonde and attractive and told us she was 75. At one stage she was standing chatting with a laden tray which slowly tilted and deposited some of the left-overs on the ground. Nobody seemed perturbed and I had a vision of Julie Walters playing the ancient waitress spilling the soup.

At one stage Margaret in a fit of bonhomie handed Maisie a tip as she had been looking after us so well. We all did the same – not to be outdone - and Maisie confessed she wasn’t actually our waitress but seemed very pleased and asked when did we think we would come again. By now we were all walking on air, I bought some pretty handkerchiefs in the store – we ambled round the shops and slowly wended our way to the station where Margaret’s train and our bus departed from.

I suppose it is worse for Margaret – she has three people to miss but Margaret leaves a very large hole. With hugs and a few tears – but they were happy ones - we said ‘here’s to the next time.’

On Thursday I saw the physio back from her holiday in New Zealand and after a talk and a treatment we decided that with a 70% improvement on my neck I would be discharged, keep up the exercises and know what to do should it get troublesome again. Very satisfactory. On Friday C came for the last chemo. It was her birthday and fortunately I had got a little present and card as a thank you. She was impressed that the oncologist had said he didn’t want to see us again medically. Hopefully after we see the surgeon on the 14th we can breathe freely again.


The Unbearable Banishment said...

A 70% success rate! You can take that to the bank! Well done.

I don't understand the specifics of it but I upload my photos directly into blogspot. I don't recall having a third party hosting site for my pics. Hope you figure it out soon. I like the English country photos best.

R. Sherman said...

I stopped using Picasa for anything, once I figured out how to post photos on Blogger directly. It's really quite easy and one doesn't need to worry about program breakdowns, as long as your photos are in a handy folder.


kenju said...

I hope you will figure it out soon, Pat, or your granddaughter.

I'm glad to know you had a good outing.

debra said...

Good news! (except on the photo front).
Happy Monday, dear Pat. Here's to a great week :-)

Scarlet in Exile said...

Mrs Overall from Acorn Antiques!
It sounds like a good day out.
I upload pics as Mr Banish explained - click on the photograph icon on the post toolbar and then click on 'browse' - then go to your pic file and double click on this file - it should then upload.

Pat said...

UB: don't rub it in! I'm emasculated without my photos.

Randall: just drop by dear and do it for me:)

Judy: I'm trying but I'm not going to fret about it. A thousand curses on the house of whoever caused the blip.

Debra: thank you:)

Scarlet: it's when I get as far as the browser I become undone. I can't seem to get the right code

Ponita in Real Life said...

Code? You shouldn't have to do anything with code, Pat. Make sure your new post box in blogger is set on "Compose" not "Edit HTML" (see the two tabs at the top of that little box where you type stuff in). If I lived closer, I'd come give you computer lessons. ;-)

Ponita in Real Life said...

Oh and, glad you had a lovely time with the girls, and that your neck is so much improved, and that your MTL doesn't have to have any more chemo or oncology visits!! All great news. :-)

angryparsnip said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.

I have so many problems with the internet and my blog, that I understand how excited you are with help coming from family !
I usually have to have my son in Japan log on to my computer and help me... I am amazed by his ability to do that ! and Thank Goodness he can !

cheers, parsnip

Queenie said...

So glad everything's going so well (apart from the photos, of course - but that's just annoying and will get sorted soon).

Guyana-Gyal said...

That birthday lunch sounds LOUD, hee hee. Who were the 'people' stopping to ask if it was anyone's birthday? I am picturing the girls pointing out the birthday gal and Maisie letting the tray slide and food spilling a bit.

Here's to your and YTL's good health. Cheers!

savannah said...

cheers! and much love to you, sugar! xoxoxox

Jimmy said...

Ahhhh it is the life of Reilly you live these days hen. And why not, you deserve it so.

Macy said...

My mother's still not convinced that she needs to switch her phone on unless she's making a phone call.

Funnily enough she hasn't got round to e-mails yet either...

You must be the IT wizard of your group of pals :)

Pat said...

Ponita: thank you I recognise the terms you use and will try that

Parsnip: I must see if my grand-daughter can do that.

Queenie: yes you are right and I will be patient.

GG: I was sitting beside a pillar so was unaware of the interest of people sitting nearby
in our sometimes raucous conversation. There was lots of unbridled 'letting one's hair down.'

SAVANNAH: thank you.xoxoxoxox

Jimmy: I'll take your word for it:)

Macy: yea I am and most people know what a hopeless techie I am:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I've got my fingers crossed on that last bit, too...No More Any Doctors For You & Your DEAR MTL!

I love that you and your "girlfriends" always have such a great time together---Maisie, and!

Sorry you are still having trouble with your pictures..I am so grateful THAT is not a problem for me---I PRAY it never will be....(lol)!

Pat said...

Naomi; only another week to go. This last dose has been the worst.
The picture situation is a dratted nuisance and I hope you stay free from it.