Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Boys are back in Town

Tomorrow my # 1 son and grandson arrrive. Somehow I don't think The Wedding will be on the agenda but I'm not grumbling. Meanwhile here are this week's blooms

Pittisporum has this tiny blossom - new to me

Weigelia at the back of the house blooms later.


Could this be an Escallonia? I have three of them.

Weigelia - south facing and blooming

This I tend to disdain but it's a good blue.

I've tried to look this up but failed.

Margaret's husband gave me this little purple flower which was special.

Stocks - such a fragrance.

I'm cross with this clematis - it was meant to lighten a dark corner and it has shot off next door!
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Ponita in Real Life said...

Clematis is fickle that way... ;-)

I see you are no longer having issues posting photos. That's great! I await the greenery in my universe. Here and there, crocuses and tulips are poking through but it will be a while before the trees and bushes have leafed out to make this city the overhead carpet of green that it displays each summer. We enjoy many trees here.

Kim Ayres said...

You mean you weren't on W&K's invite list? What an oversight!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

They are all SOOOOO Pretty, Pat....Your garden must give you such great GREAT Pleasure after the l-o-n-g hard winter...!
Just lovely, my dear....!

Pat said...

Ponita : the excuse that it was searching for the light cuts no ice with me.
Trees are good - suckng up all the evil air. The clearest air I've ever experienced was by a mountain, three times the height of Ben Nevis on the road between Calgary and Vancouver. Even on the highway it was like champagne.

Kim: I think they may have realised I was going to be busy. Watch it for me and tell me ALL:)

Naomi: I don't think I could cope without it. I so understand Zita Jones. It's when the pressure is off one tends to fall apart somewhat.

angryparsnip said...

I do love your garden too. Beautiful photos.

Love your comment on my blog but I must know what are "fonant potatoes"? they sound wonderful.

cheers, parsnip

kenju said...

Very pretty. I love bachelor buttons!

Jimmy said...

I'll be at the big wedding this weekend hen. Big Tam McPhee and his lovely lassie Moira will be getting hitched and what a grand knee's up it will be.

I asked him what he was wearing and he replied 'mah kilt'.

What's the Tartan?, I asked

He replied, Oh she'll be wearing white I guess...

Pat said...


Sorry - I should have typed fondant potatoes - see the recipe.
I didn't realise they were such a palaver to make but they taste delicious.

Judy: please don't keep me in suspenders - which are they?

Jimmy: Ha ha! What's yours? Tartan I mean. We have an everyday Mackay and the ancient Mackay. A noble lot of sheep stealers I believe.

The Unbearable Banishment said...


On Wednesday, the Crown Archetype imprint of Random House’s Crown Publishing Group said it had acquired a memoir from actor Ryan O’Neal, tentatively titled “Past Imperfect” and planned for a spring 2012 release, that will focus on his relationship with the actress Farrah Fawcett.

Pat said...

UB: Ha! Let's see what Julian Fellowes has to say about that.

Meanwhile I have reverted to my original title (of the book)to - guess what - 'Past Imperfect'
Many thanks for the info:)

R. Sherman said...

Have fun with the lads. Somehow, I think tomorrow would be a good day to be out and about as most people will be glued to the TV.


Pat said...

Randall: I think I'm going to have to - at least - see the dress.

mapstew said...

Weddings eh? i could tell you how many I've performed at, but ya never know when the taxman is looking so lets just say I've been to a few!

Enjoy the visit from the family! :¬)


Pat said...

Mapstew: Kate and William don't know what they're missing:)

Mike and Ann said...

I had a wisteria that did that. I worked out afterwards that it was because my side of the (very solid) boundary fence was North facing, so of course it favoured my neighbour's side. She was a very nice old lady, so we didn't grudge her it.

Guyana-Gyal said...

ALL of nature is having a wedding, look at these flowers!

My mother and I are wedding-watching, being short of joyful things around here. It's glorious!

Today is Int'l World Dance Day.

Word verification: mingle

john.g. said...

Can't find out what the white flower is, but the feelers are out!

Pat said...

Mike and Ann: yes the reason I put it there - ( dark and shady) was the reason it went walk about.

GG: we mingled too. It was a joyous occasion

John.g: it is actually a very, very pale blue. Good luck with it:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I watched the Wedding and really enjoyed it tremendously! I hope you are alright, my dear...Sending you (((((((HUGS)))))))

Pat said...

Naomi: we watched it too and it was all I hoped and more.
Been out on the town with the boys who have just left. Getting my breath back:)

Kevin Musgrove said...

The mystery looks like a Camassia. Nice to see Pittisporum flowers!

Pat said...

Kevin: thank you. Another of my much appreciated experts.
I've never noticed the Pittisporum flowers before. They have all dropped off now.