Saturday, January 08, 2011 Not the river at Burnsall and no snow but the beauty is the same.

The Quay Inn in lonely splendour

This was a surprise present from Australia. Handmade in Noosa and perfect for the evening - I can even get my camera in. A shame you can't see the 3D effect of the flowers. It's not just and effect - they are separate.
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Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. Your moon shot brought back memories. In the sixties when we lived near the Suffolk coast, on a calm night, we've often seen the moon just above the sea with a silvery path of light going up the sea towards the moon. It's a lovely, peaceful sight.
Regards, Ann and Mike.

kenju said...

Love that moon photo and the bag is lovely. I'm glad that you were about to have a good dinner out and in a quiet place. Hope the chemo goes well.

Maggie said...

Oh, how kind of you to take us along. Simply lovely. Even if the sauce was a little watery, the evening was truly special. Congratulations.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oh Pat, it's all so beautiful. Every thing here makes me yearn for you can guess by now, our coast is not quite pretty.

As you can guess, I'm also drooling over the handbag. I made some lovely ones which I sold. I should do that again.

Pat said...

Mike and Ann: lucky you. You must have heaps of photographic memories in your head and in fact no photograph could have captured what is in mine, so this photograph is quite special I think.

Maggie: actually I often find other bloggers come along with me - in my head:) And they always behave impeccably.

GG: the handbag is a joy - made of very soft suede and the flowers are individually sewn on, decorated with tiny little stones. So pretty.

Pat said...

Judy: often our dinners out are very quiet, owing to our anniversaries falling at quiet times and very often on a Monday. Fortunately we like it that way.