Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Good

It was so bitterly cold when I went down to find a shirt for MTL I wore the ancient mink. Would this be the day I’d get a bucket of Dulux poured over me? I asked our gentleman outfitter where he’d been the other day when the shop was closed and he had been at the dentist with a sudden problem – at the same time as me, so he didn’t get my dentist. As always he was very helpful. He had shirts with especially long arms (which MTL has) but not exactly right. We finally found one in the right Scottish oatcake shade, and he said try it and if it isn’t right bring it back and we’ll find something else.

On Friday C, the nurse came to start the 5th chemo,

‘We’re on the homeward stretch now,’ she said and we were pleased that his haemoglobin has improved and he’s gained a couple of pounds. To my delight she raved about – guess what – ‘The King’s Speech’ and as we go to Taunton on Monday to see the oncologist the plan is to scoot off afterwards to the Odeon. Fingers crossed we don’t have any delays to our lunch time appointment.

The lunch party yesterday was a big step forward. We both enjoyed it, MTL looked very handsome and I’m glad we made the effort. There were 33 guests and we only knew two – a young neighbour and the host. All the other guests were railway enthusiasts and to our delighted surprise we were placed on either side of the host. On my other side was a man who was very easy to talk to. He lost his wife four years ago and was making a good stab at carrying on - they had a loving marriage and from her photos she looked a special person.

‘Does it get any easier,’ I asked? ‘No – it get’s worse.’ But he wasn’t at all down – he visits friends in California, has two daughters, lots of interests and has written his life story, albeit the short version – 30 pages. I thought blogging would be something that would give him another interest and – at least feed- back on his writing, so he promised to get his granddaughter to show him how.

We hoped to see a Murray victory in Australia today but it’s looking grim. On the Scrabble front I’m having an exciting game with Kenju who usually licks me hollow, as does Kim and Belleek (all on side bar) but I’m getting better. I’ll tell you later why I desperately want to see ‘The King’s Speech.’ Too much excitement on a Sunday isn’t good for you ;)

P.S. Murray lost!

P.P.S. No Dulux and two separate strangers said 'What a nice coat.'


Z said...

I'm sure you had a sympathetic air and he felt able to talk to you. I seem to have too, I often find that people open up to me unexpectedly about bereavement, even if it was some years ago.

Eryl said...

So good to hear that you're on the chemo home stretch and things are going well. The lunch party sounds lovely, but the story of your widower is so sad, I hope he does get a blog: the feeling of community is so helpful in bad times and good (as you know).

We went to see The King's Speech a week or so ago. It's fantastic but take some tissues and wear waterproof mascara: it made me cry with sadness and joy pretty much the whole way through!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

The words "homeward stretch" have such a warm, comforting sound to them. Glad to see them put to good use.

I'll have to admit that I've never heard the term "licks me hollow." I'm sorry, but it conjures up a vivid image that has nothing whatsoever to do with Scrabble.

Macy said...

I like your new friend's honesty - "No it gets worse!"

A lot of folk don't want to hear that, so it's usually not said.

PS I'm going to pretend I DON'T know the Murray score till I watch the game later. He hasn't lost till I see it.

Queenie said...

SUCH good news about YTL. And well done for making the effort to go to that party. I always dread dos like that where I only know a couple of people, especially if one is the host, but they often turn out to be good fun.

Pat said...

Z: I think they recognise someone who is genuinely interested. I know you are fantastically busy but if ever you feel like taking something new on I think o would make a good Samaritan.

Kim Ayres said...

The irony of it is, most people these days would assume your mink coat is fake...

R. Sherman said...

For spur of the moment Scrabble, I always keep the tiles for "xenophobe" in my wallet. Just a little tip for you, dear.


kenju said...

Now, Pat, you know I'm sick - so don't beat me when I'm down.....LOL

I was to see the King's Speech, but it will be a while, I'm afraid.

Madame DeFarge said...

I suspect that many people would find it easy to talk to you about anything. Even paint colours.

Pat said...

Eryl: I've been locked out of my comment box. GRRRR!
I hope he does start blogging for the reasons you state.
I'm so looking forward to the film and must try not to tell the oncologist to 'make it snappy ducks.'

UB: you are just BAD and I may have to send you home.

Macy; I was in two minds whether to repeat it but that is what he said.
So sorry to let Andy's cat out of the bag. I could have got it wrong - it was just a shout up the stairs.

Pat said...

Queenie: I was amazed that MTL readily agreed to go - a sure sign he's feeling better. A bit of extra stimulation is good for both of us and I've gone beyond the pre-party nerves.

Kim: that suits me fine. BTW if it pits (when you press it) it's mink.

Randall: but these are cyber tiles honey and I can't reach them, alas.

Judy: would I beat you when you're down? Get well soon even if it does mean you thrash me again.

Madame D: that's a nice thing to say. I think:)

Maggie said...

So glad you made the effort. I note that even here there seems to have been a turn of the tide in favor of furs again.

Pat said...

Maggie: I am not really in favour of furs but bought mine in 1970 - less enlightened times - after a week-end in Vienna when I thought the intense cold could freeze my blood. I regarded it as a reward for years of hard work in my business and even in the worst times of the anti fur criminal activity I refused to destroy it. Now in more straitened circumstances I'm glad I kept it and can still use it.

Granny Annie said...

I am jealous of you guys playing Scrabble. That has never been a successful game for me.

Scarlet Blue said...

I shall look forward to having a new blog to follow.
I'd like to see the King's Speech, but might wait until it's available on DVD... Eryl mentions that I will need tissues... I am embarrassingly prone to sobbing at the cinema.

belleek said...

at risk of being trivial, if DIL has not laid claim to the mink, can I???

Pat said...

Granny Annie: Lexulous is available. I play Kenju rather badly. But it's hell for a Brit. They allow words I've never heard of and declare half the Queen's English invalid - more or less:)

Scarlet: I didn't cry - it was too near the knuckle for me to be anything but utterly rapt. I did say to MTL on the way home it wouldn't have been the same if we hadn't seen it at the flicks. However you see it, do see it.

Belleek: I have just emailed my grand -daughter to see if she wants it when I'm gone. It's a small 12 and she is the only one it would fit. I'll let you know:)

Leah said...

Glad to be here and catch up with you, and glad to hear about your TL!

Pat said...

Leah: Nice to have you here.xox

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, I agree with Madame, I have a feeling you're easy to talk to, I think you listen to...and you HEAR...what the other person is saying. And I think you're compassionate.

Well, I'm glad your FAKE mink [wink wink] didn't get dumped on. And I'm glad you told the man to blog, it's such therapy, he'll find the most wonderful people out there.

Homestretch. How heartening. 3 cheers for the healing of YTL.