Monday, November 29, 2010

These photos didn't come through first time. Sorry.

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Eryl said...

It all looks very colourful!

Scarlet Blue said...

Pam and James were the best on Saturday.
If I practice maybe I'll be able to do the splits when I'm sixty.

Dandelion said...

Can't bear Pamela, but she was definitely the best on Saturday. Love the look on the face of the poor man who has to lift Widdy. Hilarious

Guyana-Gyal said...

Dandelion, if Widdy is the woman in the 3rd photo...yes, the chap's expression is funnyyyy :-D

"Sunshine" said...

The last one is totally delightful...Oh my what a load for that "poor" man...She looks like a feisty thing, doesn't she?!!
Go girl, go..

Fickle Cattle said...

That last photo is hilarious. He looks like he is hefting a large sack of rice.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh, INDEED! Brava, to those wonderful wonderful women! Hope all is going well, dear Pat.

Madame DeFarge said...

You have to hand it to Anton. He deserves a medal. Not even Michael Howard had to carry AW.

Maggie said...

Leave us all smiling. :)

sablonneuse said...

Have to admit to being an avid watcher of 'Strictly' but I think it's time for Widdy to bow out now.
It would be a great shame if one of the good dancers left the competition instead of her at this stage.
I agree with Dandelion. There's something annoying about Pamela but her dancing is getting better by the week.
Hope all goes well for you and YTL while you are apart, Pat. x x

Pat said...

Eryl: it brightens the bleakness of the mid winter evenings.

Scarlet: it makes my eyes water.

Dandelion: she's more fun now that when she was talking in depth to people about their lives. It was like a parody of 'Not the nine o' clock news.' All the judges seem to love her

GG: Anne Widdecombe - retired MP and with an honest reputation.

Sunshine: sadly many people are saying 'Go girl' but they really mean it.

Pat said...

Fickle Cattle: I thin they are both playing it for laughs and the public love it.

Naomi: all is fine thank you Naomi. I'll be over soon.

Madame D: he must have a lovely nature.

Maggie: smiling's good;)

Sandy: maybe Pamela is just a trifle smug because she is so good and everybody seems to like her.