Monday, November 22, 2010

Mood Swings

You sound cheerier now.’ Joy said.

I had phoned her to see how she was coping with her new knee. I wondered why – when I visited her last week - she had found me un-cheery. I thought back and remembered I had been pretty down in the dumps last week but I couldn’t think of a good reason for it particularly as I am presently feeling reasonably happy and optimistic. It’s bad enough getting the glooms but one shouldn’t affect others especially when they have just come out of hospital. Must do better.

One of the reasons I felt lost was I didn’t have a good book to read and was desperately re- reading old stuff. At this stage of life, happiness seems to be a good book – certainly a comfort blanket. All is well now. I’ve practically finished the book Charlie so kindly sent me and on my bedside locker, awaiting my delectation, is Rachel’s holiday by Marian Keyes ( Nea introduced me to her and her writing is a joy) and True North by Kimberly Kafka also suggested by Nea. Some of the best books I have read have been suggested by blogging friends and they cover a wide spectrum.

The other night I was reading in bed and started to shake with laughter. MTL asked why I was laughing. I told him I was reading Charlie’s gift – Carol Burnett’s This Time Together and read it to him with tears running down my face. Carol and her husband shared an obstetrician with the Sha of Iran’s sister and were invited to the princess’s house warming party. It was all very formal, they didn’t know a soul and after standing drinking cocktails for an hour on the terrace, they escaped through a beaded curtain into an exotic room furnished with huge silk pillows instead of chairs.

Carol and Joe sank down into the pillows, as uncomfortable as all hell because there was nothing to lean against. They were joined by the Princess and asking if she may join them, sat down between them and didn’t sink to the floor so towered above them. Carol convinced she must have thighs of steel.

They sat all three looking in the same direction as if waiting for a bus. To break the awkward silence Carol started burbling on – with no help from Joe and desperately ended up talking about Rice Crispies which caused my tears of laughter. You’ll have to read it – I daren’t risk breaking copyright laws. The next chapter where Carol brings happiness to a dying child causes tears of another kind.

Do you have a safety net when the outlook darkens? Do share it if you have.

PS Just realised it is 22nd November 2010 and the 80th birthday of Sir Peter Hall.

Happy Birthday Sir Peter and I hope your wish comes true and someone gives you a theatre. You deserve it after all you have done for the arts world wide and long may you continue with your undiminished fervour.


The Unbearable Banishment said...

I've got so many avenues to combat the blues that it's not funny. I'll tussle with The Daughters or chat with my Bride. If I'm not home, nothing, nothing beats a walk through Times Square to watch the tourists. Tourists are always such a happy bunch. Happy to be on vacation. Happy to be away from home and work. They're all photos and smiles and gazing up. Makes it easy to crawl out of myself.

Pat said...

UB: somehow I don't think a wander round Minehead will have quite the same effect:)

angryparsnip said...

On Saturday I spent a wonderful afternoon wandering around a lovely nursery and picking out some plants and a bench. Even though walking is painful for me, the day was so lovely the plants beautiful, I had the best time. Lunch after didn't hurt either.
I have been in the best mood now for two days.
So for me it is the Nursery or a Bookstore even if I don't need or buy anything, the getting out and looking is always such fun.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Parsnip: yes nurseries do it for me too and I've just ordered a new book: 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' which sounds wonderful. What a title!

R. Sherman said...

Pie or other comfort food, i.e fried chicken.

Queenie said...

My routines, and my determination, are my safety nets when the outlook darkens. I loved 'Rachel's Holiday' - I've read it twice; it's my favourite of Marian Keyes' books (not that I've read them all, but I've read two or three others).

Guyana-Gyal said...

My safety net used to be my gal pals but no-one's here now, no-one I'm close to.

Another safety net: getting out of the house, chatting with EVERYBODY [strangers] I meet.

Music. Oh, what would I do without it?

And dancing madly around the house.


Pat said...

Randall: I'm trying to lose weight. Fat chance with the meal tomorrow and MTl will buy chocolates.

Queeenie: I'm glad I am not the only one who swears by routine. How nice you like Marion Keyes also.

GG: getting out of the house is a must - even if only for fresh air and exercise. In the winter if I feel chilled and a bit mis a hot bath does it - return to the womb or whatever - it does the trick.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Carol's book is a delight and also very touching. I haven't seen her since my confinemenmt, but, I used to see her a few times a year at The Welch's.....And back in the day (Early '50's)---When Kenny W. was writing my Nightclub act at the same time that he was writing hers---We followed each other there at his studio and always talked ad laughed and shared our talents....She has always been so talented and so genuine in every way...Her daughter Carrie did The STAGE Benefit many years ago and was a delight, too....As you know, she ended up with Cancer---So Very Sad, she was so young!

Pat said...

Naomi: how lucky you were to have known her. She sounds a special person. I have just finished the book and right at the end read about the tragic death of her daughter and Carol finding the courage to finish the play they had started together. You must have had lots in common. She was also a cat lover.

Maggie said...

Yes, I read. :) Rereading old favorites just puts me in a holding pattern.

So how are you two doing?

Lonely Rivers said...

A few days ago I was pretty whiney..because I forgot my own power for a minute or two. I am awake, aware and at choice (most ot the time!) So I choose a good book, a walk by the river, a project, a glance at the outdoor mobile that reflects the day in 180sparkling facets and I am "up" again.

Madame DeFarge said...

My safety net is probably the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth. Can't beat it for an uplift and a sense of redemption from all that ails.

Pat said...

Madame D: thank you. I must remind myself.

Pat said...

Maggie: thanks for asking. Things are going well - fingers crossed.

Lonely Rivers: you have obviously got ;it licked. Well done:)