Sunday, September 19, 2010

Never mind the wobble - just listen - you know it makes sense.


mapstew said...

Oh Pat, you always do! (Make me look for the silver lining!)

This is another one that Ma used to sing when we were kids! You've got me a bit teary now. :¬)


Kevin Musgrove said...


Kath said...

Beautiful, beautiful song! Her voice is lovely x

Pat said...

Kath; glad you like it too;)

Four Dinners said...

Nice voice. Very nice.

I haven't given up babe. Just no time to visit. Hardly enough time to post. Working 8 to 10 hours 7 days right now.

Should calm down a wee bit in another few weeks and I can start visiting again.

I've so many blog pals I feel guilty visiting one or three...perhaps I should though then I could work my way around over a week or so...

4D x

Pat said...

4D: it is a problem as I know only too well and we all have our method of dealing with it.
I try to go up and down my side bar at least once a week but at present it's extremely difficult.
Glad the job is going well:)

BBC said...

Question: have you given up on some old friends or is it just me?

Don't take it personal Pat, 4D just hasn't been visiting many blogs these days.

Too busy raking in the money, as if that is important stuff.

Nice vid.

Pat said...

BBC: many thanks Billy;)