Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Injustice in Spain

I urge you to read Granny P’s post – ‘Seaside Robbery’ (click on my side bar.)
As Granny P says – the more publicity the situation gets the better. Many of you have lots of experience of living abroad and she would welcome any constructive advice. They need a champion - honest and true. If it happened here I would try to get Prince Charles on board and one wonders if King Carlos would or could help. What they propose doing is deeply unfair and should not be allowed.

'We shall defend our island,
Whatever the cost may be,
We shall fight on the beaches…'

Winston Churchill 1874-1965


crowbarred said...

Lifes funny innit? Im with my primary school sweetheart from when we were 6 years old, we too took 30 years to get back! Irony with a twist of lemon in between i say. :)

PI said...

Hi crowbarred and welcome! Thereby hangs a tale no doubt. I hope - like us - you will be able to make up for the thirty years as we have been doing for the last 27!

granny p said...

Thanks Pat. Carlos would be a good idea...he owns a house right on the water, used by the prime minister for his holiday the last two summers. Only problem he IS the state more or less, so the state owns it anyway. Don't think they're getting rid of the village to provide him with another. Now that would be a story.

PI said...

grannyp: yes I see that is a problem. Well as my daily used to say about an insoluble problem "Never mind. Can't be helped! Be alright!"
I just hope it will.