Monday, October 16, 2006

Cliff Hangers

I have been accused of using cliff hangers and it’s true they do have a habit of popping out, unbidden like the shirt of someone who has forgotten to do up his zip.
Cliff hangers, I'm afraid are deeply ingrained from my childhood in the thirties. We, the cinema generation lived from week to week following the trials and tribulations of Flash Gordon. No-one comes near him today. Just look at those flaring nostrils!
I’ll try to be more sparing with them. Promise!


Polly said...

No you won't - you love them, so do we really, and it keeps us all coming back for more.

PI said...

Polly: you didn't say where you were going.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I like them, as Polly says, they keep us coming back for more. Don't change your style, do what makes YOU happy.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I only remember Flash from comic books. He was even prettier than this.

Heather said...

I have been to the cinema recently to see "Prime", it was rubbish, so not quite the same thing really. Yes Flash, he's very manly

PI said...

GG: OK - I'll do what comes naturally!

Hoss: Hi stranger! I thought you of all people would have seen the flicks. Maybe your parents were stricter thn mine

Hi Heather and welcome! I'm terribly out of touch with the big screen.

Dr Maroon said...

I like the cliffhangers.
I like having baths by appointment.
I like the idea of you both moving into the house of the man you met in the street.
I like you all changing into your swimmies in a BOAT. (there’s an Alan Bennett play in that alone)
I like the references to Metro Vickers. Once called the nation’s blacksmith and armourer, but if it’s still going, must be very small now.

I like it all, me

PI said...

Well Doc - as Brucie would say 'You're my favourite!'

R. Sherman said...

Don't stop with the cliff hangers. That's what keeps us coming back, dear.


PI said...

OK Randall! I'm convinced. When a CH presents itself, I won't shirk it.