Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Update for the friends

Update for the friends who can be bothered to scroll down.  Surprise, surprise – the engineers at PC world are clueless about blogs but they did clean me up and make me a little faster and another blog friend is trying to help with my little problem

Whilst waiting we gave ourselves a treat and saw ‘The Constant Gardener’ which was – I found - so gripping and so colourful – it made me long to go to Africa although the beauty doesn’t disguise the threat of violence and menace.  It passed the snooze test – I didn’t – and there is a wonderful coup de theatre at the end which made me want to shout ‘Yay!’

The acting is good – Rachel deserves her Oscar - and Ralph Fiennes should get one for being so lovely.  Or is he?


Universal Soldier said...

If you go to blogger and change your template it might sort it out. Although the downside is that you'll lose any alterations you made yourself to the template - links, sitemeter, etc.

amy said...

or you could copy-and-paste your current template... somewhere (maybe a word-processing document)... for safekeeping, revert to one of the standard templates, and then copy-and-paste things like links and stat-counters in one at a time, using bloggers 'preview' thingy each time to check that it's doing what it should.
and copy-and-paste and save each successful change as you go along. saves having to go back to scratch if you make a mistake 4 steps in.
it sounds like a bit of a pain, and it can be a bit frustrating at first, but it's a great way to learn what's doing what and where in your template.

oh, i should probably introduce myself -- i'm amy; i found your blog via the comments at Greavsie's, and have been wanting to say for a while now how much i'm enjoying your stories. they have a real sense of time and place, and remind me a bit sometimes of the yarns my dad used to tell. thankyou for sharing them.

PI said...

Amy and US: I'm not sure what I've done but something has worked. I did cut and paste the old template but as I have never mastered links I haven't lost any I think. bless you both.

Theblonde said...

I too, am new to this blogging world so have invested in the Haynes 'Build your own website'. It's helped me to get links on and to unterstand HTML enough to make alterations/additions to my template. Not always successfully but as said earlier in these comments, the preview will show the errors before saving changes, and try one change, then preview, and if it works, save the change and republish, one change at a time to start with.
I find it all quite empowering too, I'm learning a language that I never thought I could possibly understand.

PI said...

Theblonde: Isn't it great when you learn a new skill? I'll look out for that book. One of my sons has just given me 'Best of Blogs' by Peter Kuhns & Adrienne Crew and I'm getting to the stage when i can look at HTML withoout glazing over.
And welcome!