Monday, March 20, 2006


After 24 hours of unadulterated luxury it's good to be back home to the simple life. It was one of those special deals where you have dinner and spend the night free as long as you spend more than £100. Not a problem!

I'm always a little wary of 'special deals' but this was an elegant Regency house with views over the Quantocks. The grounds looked inviting - shame it was too cold to explore but we were seduced by the opulent, voluptuous interior. They didn't stint in the room with fresh fruit and flowers, sweeties in a jar, robes and slippers, bottled water, both fizzy and still, and first rate 'smellies' in the bathroom.
The staff were helpful and friendly without being intrusive and the atmosphere was totally relaxing.

The food was the kind that is great for a treat but you wouldn't want to eat every day. A French woman, who had been awarded a cordon bleu for cooking, once told me to always have a digestif after a rich meal - preferably kirsch. This time I had Grand Marnier because it's like velvet liquid fire, and it worked its magic.

Spring cleaning must be a nightmare with all those drapes, swags, cushions and curtains that weigh a ton, but as my nosy forefinger discovered it was spotless.
Those of you a little longer in the tooth may remember Cicely Courtnidge and her tongue twister ditty, 'I want two dozen double damask dinner napkins.'
No? Well I like my damask dinner napkins to be soft so I can easily drape them over my knees not have than stand to attention like rampant Bishops. My only criticism of Mount Somerset.


AndrewM said...

How's the flatulence?

Parp parp said Noddy.

PI said...

andrewm: the digestif worked. How's Big Ears?

granny p said...

Am quite old enough to remember Cicely Courtneige - in some dire things as I remember it. 'Gays the word"? Doubt if that's a title they could use now.

Growing Up said...

It sounds like you had a good time. Would you go back again?

PI said...

granny p: Hooray - they're aren't many of us left!

GU: Yes, especially as my husband couldn't fault it. A rarity!

Tai said...

ooooh, that's sounds delicious!
Good for you!

Tai said...

ooooh, that sounds delicious!
Good for you!

Z said...

I agree, I leave my damask napkins unstarched. But beautifully ironed. The only things I do iron beautifully.

But starched ones are easier to fold Beetonesquely into wonderful shapes.

Glad you had a good weekend.

PI said...

tai: Back to baked beans!

z; I'm hopeless with making anything like Beetonesque shapes but do appreciate them. We always use soft everyday napkins and the children never do. Why is that I wonder?

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

"Well I like my damask dinner napkins to be soft so I can easily drape them over my knees not have than stand to attention like rampant Bishops. My only criticism of Mount Somerset."

That is, hands down, my favourite line to date from your blog. Perfection!

Glad you had a good time!

Theblonde said...

Welcome back to the real world, take your own napkins next time!

Caroline said...

Sounds wonderful... shame Jim really isn't a hotel man... I think I'd love to stay there... oh well it'll be the tent for us once the weather is better... ;-)

R. Sherman said...

"Unadulterated luxury?" You were with the MTL, correct? I should hope adultery wasn't involved.


kenju said...

I haven't heard of Cicely, but I love her tongue-twister. Glad you had your luxurious time.

PI said...

Thanks Sam.

The Blonde: the beauty of a place like that you hardly need to take anything.

Caroline: some of my happiest holidays have been spent in a tent - the scent of grass and musty sleeping bags - delicious!

Randall: MTL was indeed involved - up to his neck!

PI said...

Hi Judy - hope you're better. Cicely was a sort of double act with Jack Hulbert - musical comedy. Maybe they didn't make the States.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Haha, that nosy forefinger checking for dust must be related to mine.

I love staying in hotels. siiiigh.

Sounds like you had a lovely time, Pat.