Thursday, May 19, 2016

Random shots of Liverpool.

 First sight of Liverpool.
 Whether it is the original Cavern or not - delving into its bowels was an experience not to be missed.  Everywhere was a strong smell of Bisto which we finally decided was either hops or malt or both.
 Very chilly to be sleeping out.
 C.G. Jung was here in 1927.  Click on photo to see what he said.
 Inside one of two cathedrals Tracy Emin's scrawl moved me to tears-"I felt you and I knew you loved me."
 During the war many Chinese came to Liverpool and married local girls.  After the war they had to leave their new families and return to China.  Eventually the Chinese sent this beautiful bridge and hopefully many of the famiies were reunited.
Fellow cruisers.  I liked what I saw of Liverpool and felt completely safe.  I think Lord Heseltine - as I remember - did much to rejuvenate Liverpool.


rashbre said...

Great to see you have been out and about around Liverpool - used to stay there sometimes, on Hope Street and on Parr Street. My recollection of the Penny Lane road sign is one covered in signatures. Perhaps they replace it quite frequently?

I remember that the Anglican cathedral was designed by the same chap that built Battersea Power Station and that the Catholic one has a local non-PC nickname *ahem* Paddy's Wigwam.

tony said...

Lovely City (I went to college there for 4 years in late 70s). Great Photos!

Ms Scarlet said...

And there was me thinking the Mr Jung said that food was served from 9am....
I have never been to Liverpool - this needs to be rectified! Thanks for the pictures, Pat.

Kim Ayres said...

I've never been there but Marcus, the other half of The Cracked Man, is originally from Liverpool

Exile on Pain Street said...

I never thought I'd see 'Chinese' and 'Liverpool' in the same sentence. Not too old to learn something new.

angryparsnip said...

What fun photos.
I would love to visit Liverpool It just looks like a great time was had.

cheers, parsnip and thehamish

Anonymous said...

I have never stopped in Liverpool, passed through it a few times. Is it worth a visit?

Granny Annie said...

I loved every photo and the wonderful quote plus I did not know there really was a Penny Lane:-)

Saimi said...

By the looks of these photos it was a great visit! Never been there but makes me want to go!

Jack Bush and Elaine Bell said...

Nice pics, Pat. A cruise or two ago we rode the Hop On Hop Off bus around Liverpool. Interesting attractions. Hope you're going to give us some onboard descriptions. That's almost the best part of cruising: life onboard.

Mage said...

I sure like what I see. Hugs.

Pat said...

Rashbre: I missed the other cathedral. Probably too busy talking.

Tony: I expect you would see big changes.

Scarlet: Liverpool needs you:)

Kim: he can't be all bad then:)

Exile: that's the art of staying young.

Parsnip: I have never been a great Beatles fan but I felt a great warmth towards Liverpool.

Helen: definitely - on all sorts of levels.

Granny Annie: we only really scratched the surface. Our guide was a true Liverpudlian and it was a pleasure to spend a few hours with her.

Saimi: you have a treat in store

Jack: I'll bear that in mind.

Mage: thanks:)

PixieMum said...

IT was 50 years ago this Summer that I went to Liverpool Library school, now part of John Moore's University, on a government bursary. Quite a cultural shock after my home in Twickenham and Central London where I had been working but have happy memories of the place. I remember also one student saying to me that she knew I was from London by my clothes!

Perhaps I should go back and see the improvements one day.

Pat said...

PixieMum: what an experience. I'm sure you would find it very interesting to revisit Liverpool.