Friday, February 19, 2016

More old photies

                                             Left to right Maddie, Pat, Evan, Mum,Dad.
 Skinnier days.
 Mum, Dad, my two boys and me in the Lakes
I remember all of these clearly but especially our frightening Head aka Herman.  Poor man had been in France in WW1. He terrified me so when he asked me what 11x 11was I froze.  As he turned  away to get the cane out of the cupboard I was saved by Roy Huges - third boy from the right on the next to back row who told me the answer which I can never remember.  The head mistress - Mrs Chadwick was my favourite teacher.  I am front row at the left.  Two of the girls behind me are life long friends and we chat on the phone regularly.  Three years later I got my scholarship to the Grammar School
God bless all - especially Roy.  Sorry the photo is a bit blurry.
Click to enlarge.
Hooray- the first time for weeks I have been able to post photies


kenju said...

I LOVE old pics, especially yours. Such a handsome family!

savannah said...

Lovely to see your photos, sugar! You are always a delight. xoxox

Kim Ayres said...

"Skinnier days"??? You're not exactly a heavy lass now, Pat.

Meanwhile, my Mum taught me if you're ever multiplying a 2 figure number by 11, just add the 2 numbers together and place them in the middle.

So, for 11x11, you take add the 2 digits, 1+1=2, and stick it between them - 1 2 1 or 121

Other examples:

for 27 x 11, 2+7=9, so the answer would be 2 9 7
for 51 x 11, 5+1=6, so the answer would be 5 6 1


SDC said...

I see good looks ran in the family.

angryparsnip said...

Oh Pat I so enjoy when you post these photos and memories !

cheers, parsnip

Exile on Pain Street said...

Anyone who gets a cane out of the cupboard to strike a child isn't a 'poor man.' He's a child abuser who deserved a punch in the mouth. Sorry but that set me off.

Pat said...

Judy: our Irish forebears gave us good skins which is always a help.

Savannah: we are short of little ones. You are very blessed.

Kim: how lucky you were to have such a clever Mum. That's an eureka moment. I was still convinced it was 132.

SDC: it's kind of you to say so.

Parsnip: I wonder how many of my class mates are still alive? At least my two chums Elsie who lived next door and Jean are still alive. On our last phone call Jean told me I used to borrow her Dad's books and a favourite was Baroness Orczy. I remember the books but had forgotten how I acquired them. I had returned them .

Pat said...

Exile: believe me I share your dislike but gave him the chance for the horrors of that particular war to explain his - to me - cruel behaviour.
Roy - the boy who saved my bacon was a sweet lad. At one time I tried to convince the boys they shouldn't use foul language and Roy stood up and said 'The next lad who uses a dirty word - pow!' And he mimed giving the offender a right hook. What a pain I was.

maurcheen said...

I love the one of the family, with you leaning on the wall, the only one aware of the camera! 😀

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I just LOVE old photo's, dear Pat....And these are just Wonderful! I always love seeing your Professional Pics----You look so very Beautiful-----Cause you were then and you still are now!

That teacher sounded very scary.....A Cane???? HELP! That's Child Abuse!

Pat said...

Maurcheen: we were all aware of the camera but the others were following instructions whilst I wasn't. No change there:)

Pat said...

Naomi: yes - sadly corporal punishment was alive and well both at school and in the home. I don't remember my parent's ever hitting me but I must have had the odd smack. I was quite naughty. The punishment I hated most was being sent to bed early in case I missed anything.

Granny Annie said...

Your first photo of your loving family is a heart warmer.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: thank you.

Mage said...

...and I am enjoying every one of them too.

Pat said...

Mage: thank you.

DILLIGAF said...

Smashing photo's....Just been reading up to chapter 9. Off to chapter 10 now. Love it!!!

Pat said...

DILLIGAF: well done. Pleased to hear it:)

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Roy is my hero. Wherever he is, I hope he's still sticking up for others.

You weren't a pain, you stood up for what you believed in.

As for that teacher...we have them up to today here. Beasts.

Wow! Does Kim know any other Math magic?

Pat said...

Neena: yes it would be fascinating to know what had happened to them all and if the goodies were still goodies and the baddies...
Sadly I fear many of them will be in a better place.
I wouldn't be surprised if Kim does know more stuff. He's a great man to have around with problems.