Friday, January 16, 2015

Not exactly Plain Sailing Part 2

Friday Dec 19th:-
Rose early and after breakfast joined Dennis for prayers in the Neptune lounge followed by a talk on Mindelo the first of the Cape Verde Islands we would visit - today and tomorrow we would be at sea beating southwards down the west coast of Africa.

After lunch we arranged to meet in the pub at 6pm and I toddled off for the 'Slow Foxtrot for beginners lesson.  There were quite a lot of ladies and the odd instructor.  I had imagined we would be partnered - but no -  a large-ish group of us gathered on the small stage and after a few instructions from the female instructor this amorphous group of beginners started moving - quite quickly - to music following shouted instructions.  I was at the back of the group eagerly trying to keep up.
The small stage was shaped in a semi circle - the curve behind us with two rising steps. When the command '2 steps back' was given the inevitable happened - I couldn't see behind me and the force of the group pushed me back, I lost my balance and fell backwards on my left wrist.  Having lived with a stoic for years one tends not to show pain and the reaction was just amused surprise and advice to sit down whilst the lesson continued.  One lady told me afterwards she could see I was shaking.

As soon as I could I retreated to my cabin.  By now my wrist was swollen  and painful so I warned D
I may be late for dinner and went to the medical centre.  I didn't think it was broken and neither did the doc.  He gave me a support splint and pain killers and said to see him in 2 days.

Tried to carry on as normal and we enjoyed watching Bubbles be the star of  a game show and win a bottle of champagne.

Saturday Dec 20
Bubbles is ace with any technical stuff and lent me adaptors for my kindle, camera and tooth brush.
Saw doctor - he was worried about 2 large haematomas and contusions.  Told me to leave off splint and let blood course naturally.

Dylan and I decided to investigate an autumn cruise - if you book on board you get a better deal

Kerry : would you like a double cabin Mrs Mackay?

Pat:  no of course not!  We don't want a double cabin Dylan do we?

Dylan: (with an evil grin) yes!

Pat:  dream on!

Sunday Dec 21 - Mindelo.

Our second excursion.  My arm was looking ghastly- swollen and navy blue so I wore the support and tried to forget about it.
We were taken to impressive viewpoints, through the lunar - like landscape contrasting with the white sands which are there because of ???  That's right - the Trade Winds!
In Mindelo we admired monuments  and the National Arts and Craft Centre.
At Praia Grande Beach we had snacks and soft drinks and saw impressive traditional folk dancing which we were encouraged to join in. Not b----y likely! And I had to wave my splint to reinforce my 'No thank you.'

Back on board we went untidily to a good lunch and then to our respective cabins for a snooze.

Later in the Morning Light Pub a message came over the tannoy:
'Would Mrs Patricia Mackay please come immediately to the Medical Centre.'

'I'm coming with you,' said Dylan
My Waterloo.


Anonymous said...

You did that on purpose!! xxx

angryparsnip said...

Oh My Goodness !
My heart is pounding waiting for the next installment. I am hoping for the best for your wrist.
Dylan has a twinkle in his eye, right ?

cheers, parsnip

Z said...

We were right to be anxious when you were away longer than we expected, weren't we?

SDC said...

Ha! Should've seen that coming. Actually you're pretty good at this. Building suspense and all. Nice to see you having some fun.

Pat said...

John: I'm not that much of a masochist.

parsnip: I'm still alive:)
Yes and he loves to tease.

Z: I had thought I'd been non specific about return dates but I was anxious to get home and not stay another week in Herts where I was spoilt rotten. My DIL is missing caring for her beloved Buster- her staffie - now no more -so I was a second rate stand in.

Pat said...

SDC: gotta get you all to turn the page:)

maurcheen said...

If JB were here I bet he'd say summat about a pregnancy test or such...that would be Jimmy now, not moi! ;-)

Pat said...

Maurcheen: you are both bonkers:)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oh no!! All I'm thinking now is, How's your hand?? Is it better?

Why did the doc. page you?

Heh. Dylan's wicked, isn't he? :-D

Granny Annie said...

There are several ways to imagine the inflections of your voice when you said " we?" to Dylan. LOL

Pat said...

GG: largely a nuisance. Try washing your right axilla with your right hand:) Yes Dylan is wicked:)

Grannie Annie: it was probably mild shock/horror. I was constantly telling Bubbles I was NOT 'Grandps's girlfriend.'
Bubbles has his Grandpa's wicked SOH.

Exile on Pain Street said...

That's awful! I can't bear the thought of you hurt. Dancing is bad for your health.

Off topic: Did you see 'The Imitation Game' yet? reminded me of you for some reason.

Mage said...

Oh, you give us a cliff hanger. I so hope it's not broken. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

AAAAHH You can't leave it there!!!!!!!


Kim Ayres said...

No photos? I expected full, glorious technicolor.

Hope it has a happy ending

Pat said...

Exile: dinna fash - I'm fine.
I'd like to see 'The Imitation Game' I've warmed to Cumberbatch.

Mage, Helen and Kim: I am hampered just now so everything takes forever. Photos and rest of story will follow- hopefully after hospital visit on Thursday.

sablonneuse said...

Well, you've certainly made sure we'll all be back to hear the next instalment. It must have made the rest of the holiday rather uncomfortable for you but it sounds as though you enjoyed it despite the injury. Hope you did, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat

It was great to meet you on the plane/ cruise and for your introduction to 'blogging'. Hope your wrist is fully recovered now and you are looking forward to your next voyage.

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh no, ouch. So now I'm waiting to read the rest ....

Pat said...

Sablonneuse: yes it was uncomfortable but I was determined not to let it spoil the holiday and it didn't.

Valerie: lovely to hear from you.
Had the plaster off today so it feels a bit delicate but is healing well and I shall be punctilious with physio exercises.

Joey: this week- end - for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hospital visit? Oh no! Hope being hampered is getting less and less. Wrists and ankles are hell when they are hurt. I have a bad ankle .... Do take care X

Nea said...

Glad you didn't let it spoil your holiday, but it sounds pretty nasty. Hope you're getting plenty of rest... I broke an arm a few years back and found I needed a lot more sleep than usual.

Pat said...

Rosneath: sorry to hear about your ankle. Joints are difficult - all those little bones moaning and groaning every time you try to do things. Physio exercises are helping.

Nea: how right you are - seem to be tired much of the time so really have slowed down. Also it is a couple of days away from Alastair's demise. Not a very good time for us. I'm going to read some of the cards and letters he sent me over the years.

Ms Scarlet said...

Oh no!
I am catching up.
I would leave a longer comment but I am too keen to find out what happened next.