Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Decorating progress

 Preparation, ceiling and paintwork nearly finished
 The curtains for the right hand windows have washed and ironed perfectly as have the ones in the middle.  But the ones on the left, overlooking the garden and getting blistering hot sun have lost the linings and are in a delicate state.
 My plan is to hang the damaged curtains so that they are just hanging at the sides like open theatre curtains - never to be drawn - and I am investigating vertical blinds which will also protect the newly painted sills.

After a swirly swish in the bath these little beauties came up like new.
Wednesday: decorating finished.  Now what went where?


Ms Scarlet said...

Nothing like a swirly swish to sort things out.

Granny Annie said...

Love the windows! My kids were coming to paint the outside of my house tomorrow and be here for four days but had to cancel. I am sad but it is probably just as well. The paint was going to be expensive and I'm short right now.

Be sure and take a look at my blog contest today:)

Pearl said...

It's putting it all back together that'll get ya. :-)


rashbre said...

So quick! It's taken a year to do a single room around at ours. The curtains only went back properly a few days ago. My fault for getting the wrong length pole.

Pat said...

Scarlet: If only one could do it for everything.

Granny Annie: I know how sad cancellations like that can make you feel. Trust you to make the best of it:)

Pat said...

Pearl: OMG - the hour is upon us. Everyone's gone and its all down to me. Should've taken photos of how it was!

Rashbre: I do tend to get the bit between my teeth now that I'm alone. Mind you it 'aint done yet. The blinds will take a fortnight so I can relax a bit.
He said he had never done such a big window.

angryparsnip said...

I have to remember.... pictures first, destroy second.
This is very exciting.

cheers, parsnip

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Before and after pictures are such a great thing to do. Then you can really see what you have accomplished!
You are amazing, Pat! And it is really coming along BEAUTIFULLY! BRAVA to you, my dear....!

Mage said...

You are going to love all this once everything is back in place. Yes, we did three windows in white roman curtains and are very pleased. The big door and window in the living room got plantation shutters. White.

Kim Ayres said...

Horizontal blinds would give you that film noir effect... :)

Pat said...

Kim: a la Bogart and Ingrid but I want then to disappear visually rather than becoming a feature so hopefully the vertical ones will do that. We'll see:)

Parsnip: I'm puzzled. Probably I am being stupid but do please explain.

Naomi: It's fresh and clean which is pleasing but I'm very unadventurous as far as décor goes if I'm happy with the original.

Mage: the more I hear about plantation shutters the more great they sound. I'm a fan of the Nordic idea of having blinds for practicality and the whole softened with gossamer drapes.

Guyana-Gyal said...

No wonder your home gleams and shines and glistens.

All the work is worth it.

In the former plantations, the colonial style buildings used to have wooden shutters, some still have them. I must get me a good camera.

Pat said...

GG: I'd love to see photos of your environs. I find digital a joy. No faffing around at the chemists with films and things and you can take endless photos and delete if you don't like them.

maurcheen said...

I'm still painting! (Daughter #2 has her possibly future inlaws coming for a pre-ball drink on Saturday and we must be spick & span. I'm weary from the paint fumes. ;-)


Pat said...

maurcheen: I feel for you. My decorator has gone but there is a large cupboard with family china in it and it was quite grotty inside. Have washed all the china - broken one plate and am painting the inside. When will it end?

Anonymous said...

Looking good Pat, you have a lovely home.