Monday, August 18, 2014

It Rose again - apologies to Rog.

Staying with the Hertfordshire family recently I was saddened to see a dying rose swamped with ants.
The working colleagues of my DIL had bought her a beautiful rose bush to commemorate MTL.
In spite of regular watering, when I was down it seemed the end was nigh.

DIL provided  some really delicious manure and - with their permission - I chopped it back quite ruthlessly and dug out all the straggly weeds and put a curse on the ants.  Over the next few days it was lovingly watered - gently at first and then quite forcefully with vocal encouragement - always vital as HRH would be  the first to aver.

A few prayers were said also and suggestions for future care.  Now look at it!


OldLady Of The Hills said...

You've got that wonderful Magic Green Touch, Pat.....It looks Beautiful!!!!

maurcheen said...

You have the magic! ;-)


Ms Scarlet said...

Please can you write down the ant curse?
Both are beautiful photographs.

sablonneuse said...

Yes, you definitely have green fingers; the photos of your garden are testament to that.

(Hope this comment makes it as several recent ones seem to have got lost)


Anonymous said...

I want to know the ant curse ... I only know of one in a tub!

I love it when plants others think are lost come back with a bit of severe pruning, food, water and laying on of hands!!

Kim Ayres said...

I love the smell of roses, and every year completely forget to get some for the garden. The fact I never do any gardening and leave it entirely to Maggie (apart from occasionally mowing the lawn) probably accounts for it.

There's a garden along the road that has roses just poking over the fence and whenever I walk past I always stop to sniff :)

gypsywoman said...

the magic touch for sure! totally beautiful! xx

Exile on Pain Street said...

Two really superb photos. Nice show of perseverance. How very British of you!

angryparsnip said...

Oh Pat, you have the magic touch.
Must learn the ant curse !

Lovely photos today.
cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Naomi: full credit to my DIL who kept up the loving care

Maurcheen: :)

Scarlet: it literally is the worst possible curse you can think of. I'm sure you will remember the words:)

Sablonneuse: sorry if your comments have been missing. They are much needed and appreciated.

Roseneath: yes it's great when they rise from the dead. For the curse see Scarlet's comment but I don't want to lead you astray:)

Kim: it is quite clear to me that your next present to Maggie must be a beautiful rose bush.

Gypsy: just grim determination and luck:)

Parsnip: Thank you - I had the usual palaver getting the photos to appear.

Exile: glad you like the photos and of course I hold my hands up - I am British to the core.

Granny Annie said...

I see a book in the making titled: CURSES FOR GARDEN PESTS.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Borasic powder!

It works!

Slow internet - I can't see the rose

But relaxing by the water is infinitely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

OK so I have been outside and told the ants, I know someone who will curse them if they don't sod off and leave my plants alone. :D

Pat said...

Granny Annie: I wish I could find the perfect title for my book.

GG: its a shame you can't see the rose. I'll try boracic next time.

Helen: that's the spirit:)