Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sturm und Drang

And that’s just the weather.  We are fortunate not to have the house flooded but it is still a bit scary when you have to put furniture in front of the balcony windows to stop them exploding inwards.  The next morning the sun comes out and one rushes up two floors to open all the south facing windows to let in the sun and air.  By the time one is back on the ground floor the sky blackens, the heavens open and its back up the flippin’ stairs again.

And the handy men are working their socks off.  Over a week ago I rang the insurance to report storm damage and they wanted it tackled ASAP.  No way would I let anyone up on the roof in this weather and told then so.  Then they wanted a temporary job to be done and a costing for repair and making good.  OK well I’ll do my best and M said he would come this morning for a costing and a cup of tea.  As he often turns up at 8am I have been up since crack of dawn.

And I’m worried about Joy.  I haven’t seen her for a week – not wanting to give her my ‘cold’.  We had a loose arrangement to meet for lunch over the week-end  and her daughter was going to whisk her off to stay with her for a few days next week, but Joy doesn’t feel up to it although she is longing to met her new great grand-child.  I asked her if she would like me to pop round this afternoon when – hopefully - M will have been, but she felt she would like to walk down to me.  If she doesn’t I’m going round.

With time on my hands this morning I had another go at posting photos to no avail.  I shall just have to be patient until one of my experts turns up.  Where’s an Alice when you need one?

God bless the Co-op:  the last two Fridays I have been so thankful that I could get myself there through atrocious weather by cab, then come home and have it all delivered.  There s something so peaceful about wandering round a super market .popping things at will in a trolley and knowing someone else is going to get it home for you.

Almost lunchtime and no M.  I think waiting for someone –even Godot- is my least favourite thing.  I’ve hand washed a cashmere sweater, done a bit of ironing and checked my annual report for L& G (hurrah they’ve gone up).  If I start lunch he’ll appear.  I’m going to have a specially baked nutty roll (any four for  a £1) with ham, beetroot,carrot and onion,in a vinagrette dressing, roasted veg couscous, tomato  and cucumber- because its there.  Then raspberries with vanilla yoghourt.

Whilst I’m waiting here are a few wise words:

Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.

Daniel J Boorstin

Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.

Bertholt Brecht

Like a welcome summer rain, humour may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.

Langston Huges

Fear of danger is ten thousand times more terrifying than danger itself.

Daniel Defoe

Beauty is variable, ugliness is constant.

Douglas Horton,

A runner must run with dreams in his heart, not money in his pocket.

Emil Zatopek

Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.


M or no M – its time for a bite.


savannah said...

I hope all is well with Joy! the news coverage is frightening about the weather in the U.K., so it's always good to hear my friends are safe! xoxoxox

kenju said...

Enjoy lunch and I hope M comes soon after. I hope Joy is okay and will be able to see her grandchild. I also hope your incessant rain will stop so your repairs can be made.

We are having rain today too, and it is washing away the remnants of now and ice from 3 days ago, What a mess we have had.

Vagabonde said...

I have read your past posts – it sounds like your weather has been super wet this year. We have had snow twice now, which is highly unusual. I am sorry about your trouble placing photos on your blog. If I had that problem I would barely have anything to say, since I mostly write around my photos. My only problem is when I publish a post, like I did yesterday afternoon, it does not update in Blogger very fast – that yesterday post has not updated yet. Reading what you bought at the supermarket reminded me that I need some H.P. Sauce – since I went to school in England decades ago, that is what I brought back with me of the English culture – I use the sauce a lot, and it is not that easy to find here.

Z said...

The wind has been atrocious here and yet I know we're getting the tail end of what you've been getting.
I had a crumpet with toasted cheese for lunch, not as healthy as yours but it warmed me up!

Pat said...

Savannah: it is a comfort to know you are thinking of us, I just wish the end was in sight especially for the poor people who have had to leave their homes.

Judy: no sign of M and Joy and I are postponing until tomorrow. Fingers crossed:)
It seems strange that you can't get groceries delivered in the States. You always seem ahead of us in matters like that.

Ms Scarlet said...

Compared to yesterday today feels like a glorious spring day, even though we've had hail!
Thank goodness that storm has finished. I hope you get your repairs done swiftly and have a lovely lunch with Joy.

Pat said...

Vagabond: funny to hear of you and H,P, sauce.
I agree it is difficult doing posts without photos but I have faith that like many problems I shall find a solution even if my hair goes white in the process.
I hope the snow doesn't keep you and your husband indoors.
As my BIL who lives in N.Y. and Vermont says ' It's crazy weather!'

Z: Alastair would have loved your lunch. Crumpets, muffins, scones and the like were manna to him.

Pat said...

Scarlet: not yet but I'm hopeful -as ever:)

Mage said...

I hope Everyone is well....or better. Dry too.

Pat said...

mage: thank you. Just now all is calm.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I have been thinking about you, my dear Pat,,,Reading about your Horrible ENDLESS Rains there.....I dearly hope you get a real break soon---I'm praying for you---Sun Come Out, PLEASE!!!
I hope Joy will be feeling tip-top very soon and that she will get to see you and her Great Grandchild....
I LOVE that you are able to get your food delivered, AFTER you have picked everything out....

I have an idea about your posting of pictures, but I'm not sure I can explain it in an e-mail---I so wish I could talk to you on the phone and try and explain it.....Let me see if I can write it out so it makes some kind of sense...If it doesn't---I won't even send it to you.....!
I think the problem lies with posting directly from Picasa....
Anyway....Stay Dry, My Dear.

rashbre said...

Yes - dreadful weather and flooding ll over the place. I've been noticing the Thames barrier going up and down recently in my travels. One of the offices I visit has also been flooded and had to close. The car park was like a swimming pool.

There's something strange happened with flickr that has messed up the ability to post to blogger. I'm using a work around at the moment.

Pat said...

Naomi: I think the problem is to do with Picasa. I shall await any help you can offer with eager anticipation but don't wear yourself out with it.

Rashbre: it did seem shocking when flooding happened in the London area.
I'm desperately trying to find a 'work around' re pictures.

Kim Ayres said...

Glad you live up on the hill

angryparsnip said...

Picasa is not letting me on Blogger so I have to load my photos to a web album and the post them to the blog.
I am so happy to hear your doing OK in the horrible weather.

cheers, parsnip

Granny Annie said...

Sometimes we have to wonder what we are doing trying to inhabit this earth. Fires, floods, freezing ice and snow present challenges at every turn as reminders that we are only tenants.

Pat said...

Kim: as long as we don't get swep' away - as in Lynton in the fifties.

Parsnip: I've tried that route and get lost. Any details gratefully accepted. Today is beautiful so all windows and doors open. There has just been a n almighty bang which has made me jump out of my skin!

Granny Annie: but I'm never behind with the rent:)

Exile on Pain Street said...

Let's here it for higher ground. Huzzah! Seriously...have you ever experienced weather like this before? It's crazy!

I'll be glad when you get the photo issue all sorted out. I'd like to see them.

maurcheen said...

That Aristotle was a clever fecker all the same. Glad you enjoyed the song. :-)

Pat said...

Exile: the photo issue is really bugging me. I try every day.

Maurcheen: I always enjoy your singing.

lom said...

Your dinner sounded nice, you are good for eating properly, I never eat properly when there's only me here. It's very often a biscuit and a cup of tea.

Pat said...

Lom: I'm thankful I still enjoy food. Life would be hard indeed without that.