Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bonding or Balderdash?

Interlaken where our French son has been jumping from high places in a team bonding exercise.
Another son said he did a similar thing before he had his own business but was doubtful that it served any useful purpose.
Yet another son said he enjoyed such exercises because everyone unwound in the bar at night, let their hair down and much closer relationships were formed.
Our French son said the hours were so long and the tasks so arduous that he was too tired to do anything at night but crawl into bed.

I think they sound exciting fun.  Have you any experience of them?  What's your opinion?
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Exile on Pain Street said...

Can't they just skip right to the unwinding-in-the-bar portion of the event? Do they have to include the death-defying acts beforehand? I've participated in several corporate team-building exercises and have always found them to be of questionable value.

Re: Your question from the previous comment section. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally I'll see a play that runs so late there's no transport back to New Jersey, so I'll stay at the Elegant Wellington. Usually the Shakespeare productions drone on for three hours or more. That usually requires a hotel stay. I've got tix to see Mark Rylance and Stephen Fry do Twelfth Night. That might run a little late.

John Greenwood said...

Have done the bar bit!! xx :-)

Pat said...

John: many timed I'm sure:)

Pat said...

Exile: no no ! You have to earn the reward. Haven't you learned anything.
RE RE - there was I thinking poor you - working so hard you had to sleep in a strange bed whilst really you were gallivanting.

Kim Ayres said...

Never done the corporate team bonding thing, but then being self-employed doesn't offer up much opportunity for it...

Pat said...

Kim: I've done a rock climbing course and a drama course both of which have the elements of fear and the pub at night.

angryparsnip said...

hahahahahha... Like Kim I am now self employed, so I guess the Square Ones and I could jump into the pool ?
But I could see this turning out bad if someone on the team finds out no one likes them or some long buried slight comes to light.
I vote for a nice dinner with lots of wine.

cheers, parsnip

Chef Files said...

So that's how it is then doll? I tell you in confidence, bare my soul to you, let you know my innermost secrets about me falling off of things, and you go and pen a wee chit about people tumbling down, eh?


Aye, that'd be right.

The gloves are off hen, the gloves... are... now... off.

Pat said...

Parsnip: I'll drink to that.

Chef: now just a cotton pickin' minute!
I forbore to mention that your chapter of misadventures came on the heels of my tribulations with the mirror and the mallet. I just smiled and thought maybe I can occasionally inspire him as he does me.
Now let's just be sensible and acknowledge that very often great minds think alike. Well perhaps mine isn't that great but you know what I mean.
Please put your gloves back on and let's be friends again.

rashbre said...

Oh yes, I've done a few of these type of things. Boating around the Solent, hugging trees in Surrey, deconstruction and building rafts in Wales.

Er, and gambling in Las Vegas. Not sure how that fits exactly. Oh and team booze cruising in Sweden. Or that.

In UK it seemed to go out of fashion a few years ago. Either because of injuries or cost. The hotel and drinking part still seems to occur from time to time though.

Pat said...

Rashbre: yes I thought you would have had experienced these.
This was with an American firm. I suppose now we are still not out of recession such jollys would be low on the list of priorities.
(I've been listening to too many political talks lately.)

Chef Files said...

We'll always be friends hen, that goes without saying.

Lunch is on me, my place on Sunday, shall we say 2ish?

I'll get out my photie albums, you bring yours. Deal?

Pat said...

Chef: deal:)

Gadjo Dilo said...

No company I've ever worked for has offered me team building excercises, but the scenery around Interlaken is stupendious - lucky guy.

Mage said...

Look at that picture. :) Thanks for being able to add it.

Mike and Ann said...

I'm rather with Kim Ayres on this one. Those of us who are self employed (the last 36 years in my case) are also self sufficient enough (and probably always have been) not to need any bonding exercises. Exile says he's been on several of these team-building exercises, and now thinks they're of 'doubtful value'. I've no first hand experience of them, but would tend to agree with him. Don't much like the sound of them.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL....You might as well ask me have I traveled to the!
I have absolutely no interest in these kinds of physical machinations---Lets just go eat a lovely dinner.....!

LL Cool Joe said...

I've done some team bonding activities when we went through the adoption process in an attempt to get to know the other potential parents better. Not really very physical stuff, more role playing etc. Drove me insane.

Nea said...

Can be fun. My favorite one was the blind folded, tree hugging one. I bonded with my tree for life, not sure if that was the purpose though:)

Vagabonde said...

Team bonding? You said your French son did that? Does he work for an American firm? That’s sounds like the type of thing they like to do here, that is “bonding.” Bonding at work, bonding with a child, bonding with a cat, that is a fashionable US word. I did work for a large corporation, but there was no bonding – none that I recall – we never met outside of work.

Pat said...

Gadjo: now he's in Moscow.

Mage: I do look at it - with some envy until I remember the jumping.

Mike and Ann: I'm thankful- apart from nursing - I was self employed.
I did choose to go on a rock climbing course in one of my madder moments.

Naomi: yes I think that would be my choice.

Joey: I can well imagine. What a pain.

Nea: do you till keep in touch?

Pat said...

Vagabonde: exactly right. He does work for an American firm.
They did it over here in the UK, but not so much since the recession.
I am now going to bond with my pain au chocolat because it is Saturday.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Just having a look around here, and this reminds me how much shock people express when I utter the words nobody seems allowed to utter, namely.... "I am not a team player." Can't stand working in teams. Would much rather have make my own mistakes and win my own little battles. I got told to leave a bonding class for that once. Ha ha.

Pat said...

Andrew MS:I know where you are coming from:)