Monday, May 30, 2011

Belinda Lee 1935-1961

Kirsty Swain 2011
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Granny Annie said...

My niece graduated from NYU in theater in the late 80's and she stayed in NYC on the rise to a wonderful career she had desired all her life. Things looked excellent for her future until the mid 90's caused her to take a look at the seedy side that still existed and she decided to give up the entertainment dream. She is now a very successful Marketing executive with a wonderful family and no regrets.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: I think it will always exist in the entertainment world. Some come through it unscathed but you have to be very lucky and quite tough. I found the theatre more rewarding - artistically - not financially:)

Keith said...

You're right Pat, the resemblance is remarkable. Let's hope that Kirsty doesn't fall into the same traps that Belinda did.

You are right about the film/acting world. I worked at BBC Shepherds Bush for a while in the late 50's and early 60's and saw at first hand some of the young 'primas donnas' who though they were the greatest thing ever, and played up at every opportunity!

I remember Belinda Lee, and in actual fact I thought she was better than Diana Dors anyway. Shame she never made it to the top.

You keep giving us these little tasters of your life and wetting our appetite, so when do we get to read your book then? Is it still gathering dust in the back room? Publish and be damned as they say in the trade.

Pat said...

Keith: I hope so to. I've seen Kirsty interviewed and she seemed very grounded. She is deaf so has overcome a lot of difficulties.
I'll try to get the book out before I pop my clogs:)