Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Rest of Yesterday's Garden Watch

Same view - different angle

One of two cuttings I took - varigated Weigelia

This has m e foxed. Anyone know?

The first of the Aquilegia. MTL says it's prone to green fly - but not in my experience

I was glued to the TV yesterday and now feel relieved and hopeful. I'm glad Gordon Brown left on a happy note with his wife and delightful little boys. The Queen has accepted her 12th Prime Minister which started with Winston Churchill. Through out those decades she has parlied with her PM once a week and must have been a comfort to many in the bad times - she's seen it all. Every important person on the world stage since the early fifties she has met. Harold Wilson once said it was his favourite meeting because she never lied and she wasn't after his job. God bless Elizabeth.
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Queenie said...

I love aquilegia (not least because it's one of the few flowers whose name I know). No sign of ours yet, too cold up here. I think I need to move south.

Pat said...

Queenie: I had to check the spelling. I think you should too - south west:)

Eryl Shields said...

Gorgeous. I have a new flower in my garden, don't know what it is or where it came from. I'll have to take a pic of it and post it in the hope that someone can tell me.

R. Sherman said...

I recall the movie from a few years back starring Helen Mirren, I think, as Elizabeth II, dealing with the death of Diana. Whether the film was an accurate portrayal of events, I don't know, but when it was over, I felt a greater admiration for her, my American distrust of royalty notwithstanding.


Pat said...

Eryl: you know Kevin is an expert.

Randall: Mirren is an excellent actress but she wasn't the Queen IMO.
For instance the walk - the Queen doesn't stomp.
It's difficult for me to be objective about her; as little girls my sister and I looked upon Elisabeth and Margaret as kindred spirits.
The film was reasonably accurate and the admiration is certainly not misplaced. Of all the people one has admired she is the only one who hasn't put a foot wrong - way ahead of the rest of the family. Vivat Regina

Granny Annie said...

Does the public ever learn what they talk about when the PM meets with the Queen?

Talli Roland said...

Beautiful flowers!

I'm embarrassed to admit that Gordon's speech made me well up a bit! Shame he couldn't show that kind of emotion earlier.

angryparsnip said...

Beautiful Garden, you know I live vicariously through your garden and countryside photos.

I have always had great respect for your Queen and I rather like your government.

Charlie said...

You know I never tire of looking at your photographs, be they of gardens, quaint towns and inns, or countryside.

I have always admired the Queen, but it is difficult to believe she goes all the way back to Winnie. Quite amazing.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: not really unless the PM writes his memoirs. It's suppose to be about the business of the day.

Talli: I believe he was a good man - in the wrong job.

Parsnip: I've got great hope it will work out and together they will get us out of the financial mess we are in and guard from the excesses of either party.

Charlie: glad you like the photos. Churchill was PM 1940-45 and then again from 1951 -55. so in the later period HM would invite him to form a government in'51 and accept his resignation in 55. I remember 51 - it was the year I first married.

miss diarist said...

Beautiful plants, Pat!

I have such admiration for the Queen. The lady has seen so much and maintained a steady dignity throughout.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL Garden my dear....Isn't this a glorious time of year? New growth, much Green and a Rainbow of other colors coming with the flowers!

Elizabeth is quite incredible, isn't she? Amazing, Amazing.

Pat said...

Miss D: glad you like both the plants and the Queen. Considering she would probably prefer a quiet country life with her dogs and horses she does very well with all the pomp and ceremony.

Naomi: the flowers are lovely but up to today the lawn hadn't been mown for 3 weeks. Just for a moment it all looks good.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Watching your garden grow is a joy.

Mr. Brown's speech was good, I think. But ohhh, his little boys won my heart!

I don't know much about the Queen but my mother and grandfather's generations have been admirers.

After reading what Paul Burrell wrote about her, I respect her.

Pat said...

GG: it was a delightful surprise seeing those little boys for
the first time.
I'm not so sure about Paul Burrell but your mother - as ever - is right about her. One doesn't have to be a Royalist to recognise her qualities

Kevin Musgrove said...

The blue-flowered puzzle's Camassia esculenta. I have a bunch of it growing under a cherry tree and very nice they look, too.

I've been out of touch for a bit, did Mister Asquith get in again?

Pat said...

Kevin: you don't disappoint;) The Camassia esculenta (on the tip of my tongue - not!) is amazing now it's got a real grip in the bed.
Re Asquith: no dear it's a new boy with his little friend and it's all going to be lovely - but difficult at first; stiff upper lips and belts to be tightened. Just like old times.

lom said...

I just love it when the garden comes to life

Pat said...

LOM: a favourite time of year;)