Sunday, February 07, 2010

Two Blogging Friends

Thanks to Kevin who I regard a horticultural expert - this is a photo of Solanum jasminoide which I now know is the name of the potato plant Karen (my gardener) warns is on its way out- no doubt to join the New Dawn rose in flower Heaven. As Kevin says it is a 'doer' but alas its day is done.

The good news is that as soon as I can get it framed this beautiful Photograph taken by Kim will be on my walls. Kim thinks his landscapes are 'nice' but I disagree. I find this quite spiritual.
Sometimes my links work but today when I highlight the link to cut it - it lights up in blue and my right click won't work. If these links don't work click on Kim and Kevin on my side bar. These things are sent to try me no doubt!
Kim's photo has just disappeared so I will publish it first - DV. Knowing blogger it may be above or below this post.
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Four Dinners said...

I really must sort my garden out this year. Neglected it terribly over the last three or so...

Ta for reminding me

Pat said...

Four.D: there's still an hour of daylight - out you go. I can talk - I should be working.

Charlie said...

I guess it doesn't matter where I comment on this two-part post.

I think your potato plant is beautiful, but I don't understand why it's on its way out. Perhaps you can explain.

When I was a boy we lived near a large Jacksons Perkins rose-growing farm. They had visitor gardens of all their varieties, and they introduced a new one each year. I remember the year they introduced "Smoke"—a beautiful medium-grey that I've never seen since.

Pat said...

Charlie: a post or two back my gardener told me that my favourite rose had died and she had dug it up.
Next to it on the arbour was the potato plant and she said that was on its way out. In other words before long she'll no doubt dig that up too.
I've seen a blue rose - Blue Moon but medium grey must be pretty rare.

angryparsnip said...

For being on it's way out this plant looks quite healthy.

As for Kim's photo and his comment, If your making art to sell sometimes it can be quite different from art that one does more for oneself.
It is a very thin line to walk and sometimes you do one to feed the other and sometimes if your lucky, you can do both together.

lom said...

That is a pretty plant, can't you take a cutting and regrow one.

Gadjo Dilo said...

A pretty plant indeed, though to my eyes it doesn't look very "potatoey"! Is it growing your garden or in Kim's?

Pat said...

Parsnip and Lom: the photo is not my plant. I couldn't find a photo of mine or remember the name but Kevin gave me the link to this and the blue flower is certainly like mine was before it got sick.

Gadjo: see the comment above the photo contains more than one flower - its the blue flower with the yellow centre. The photo is one Kevin found for me. I seem to have confused everybody. Hey Ho!

Pat said...

LOM: good idea. I'll see what it's like in the Spring.