Monday, July 23, 2007

We’ll gather lilacs.


We'll gather lilacs in the spring again,
And walk together down an English lane,
Until our hearts have learned to sing again,
When you come home once more.
And in the evening by the firelight's glow,
You'll hold me close and never let me go,
Your eyes will tell me all I want to know,
When you come home once more.

Ivor Novello

Google can’t help for once. Who remembers the name of the Directrice of Pierre Balmain in the fifties/ sixties? (Daphne?) She was witty and friend to the rich and famous; Nancy Spain was a friend and Vivien Leigh used to stay with her and her husband Paul Emile, who Vivien dubbed ‘Polly Mill’. One of the house’s clients was the film star Kim Novak, whose favourite colour was lilac and Madame X – whose name eludes me said,

‘If she were sick she’d vomit violets!’

That’s an inelegant way of saying the theme of the wedding was lilac and it was so pretty. Fortuitously I had bought MTL a lilac silk tie so he blended in quite well. We thought the journey was bad until we heard about all those thousands of people stranded all night in their cars due to the floods. As it was, we arrived too late for even a bite at lunch time, so I braved the weather to buy a sandwich from a garage. Not what my hair needed just then. There was a jazz festival that evening with barbecue, so dinner was over an hour late. Not a brilliant start; we were the only wedding guests – the others were arriving on Saturday. We had a lovely chat with the bride and groom who were there preparing decorations etc. After a reasonable meal things got better and the hotel - which is family run -has its foibles but they really pulled out the stops for the wedding and all in all it was good value.

The weather did everything except snow and we were indoors most of the time apart from a photo shoot by the great cedar tree. The ceremony was non-religious but dignified and sincere and when the bride, dressed in ivory with an impressive train, walked down the equivalent of the aisle, there were quivering chins and moist eyes – and that was just the men. After, there were lots of photos and my heart stopped when the photographer fell heavily down the iron fire-escape. He carried on like the pro he was but I felt anxious about him. He assured me he was fine because he was a police dog handler!

After a welcome Pimms we sat in our appointed places with pretty place cards and the menu each person had chosen. The table was strewn with purpley sparklies which will be living in and amongst us for some time. There were little boxes of goodies and tiny bottles of bubble blowing liquid so we were constantly admiring each other’s bubble blowing ability.

Time flies when you’re having fun and the nicest part was sitting with children and grand-children and catching up and reminiscing.

P at 3am. I don’t remember taking my make up off.

MTL You didn’t!

P Why didn’t you tell me?

MTL You seemed very tired.

Don’t worry girls – I did - better late than never.

Sorry the photos are haphazard and not the best quality but I was having too much fun to be



Granny said...

Lovely and my favorite color too.

f:lux said...

Bubbles at a wedding is a lovely idea. And 'classy dame'? Absolutely!

Z said...

Marvellous photos, and thank you so much for letting us put faces to the mental images of your family.

The weather was beautiful here on Saturday, so I thought all our hopes of fine weather had paid off for you too. It was raining when I got married too. It didn't matter!

My parents had a friend who loved purple and lilac shades so much that she even called her daughter 'Lavender'.

granny p said...

It all looks lovely and so do you...Your family sounds as complicated as mine; but that makes life more interesting doesn't it..

kenju said...

Sounds like you had a good time, which is all that's important, no? I love the line about violets! Now, I'll go and see the pics.

PI said...

Granny : all the different shades of violet were very restful and harmonious.

f:lux: I'dnever heard of bubbles before and it's a sweet way to pass the time between courses. Intercourse bubbleing?

Z: only a small part of the family and a lot of people I didn't know. I used to associate purple with coming out of mourning. Not anymore!

Penny: yes it is complicated. Never dull:)

Judy: I've remembered that line for years. Wish I could remember her name!

TLP said...

I enjoyed this and all the posts below. Wonderful photos. Beautiful.

PI said...

TLP: thanks! I wish I could get them all on one post but that's Picasa for you!

Anonymous said...

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You were all terribly brave to be out in the rain for the Wedding...Brave & Loyal & True!
You have a large family, and all so handsome and pretty! It looks like a good time was had, in spite of the rain....!

I'm of no help about the Balmain question...I haven't a clue. Did you try to google History Of Balmain? Sometime I do not understand Google...Sometimes just using all lower case gets you further that some caps!!! Now who figured that one out??(lol)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh I forgot to say, I LOVE Bubbles..In the past I have always had little bottles for each person at my Birthday Party's..It IS FUN!

PI said...

Disregard knicksgr10907! It's spam and should not have been published.

PI said...

Naomi: it was lovely in spite of the weather. Trust you to know about bubbles - it's a delightful idea. My only sadness is that somehow I missed out on the cake:( The story of my life!

sablonneuse said...

Beautiful description of your day and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

PI said...

sablonneuse: c'est mon plaisir!

apprentice said...

It all looks lovely, including you, I like the outfit, very stylish!

Your grandson looks so out of his comfort zone in a suit, and I can see why the girls like him.

PI said...

Thanks Anna. Actually he is interested in clothes and buys things from charity shops. He had a tie with guitars and special cuff links but he follows his own style.

PI said...

The name of the Directrice was Ginette Spanier. Lynx was the clever one and had met her! WOW!