Sunday, April 23, 2006



I have a slight problem:  a discomfort over the shoulder blades. A massage on Friday soothed but didn’t cure.  This coincides with a 24 hour anniversary trip so will eschew a post tomorrow and be back – fit and well on Tuesday.  DV
Enjoy the rest of the week-end.  Did anybody be brave enough to tackle the Marathon?


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Look, if I can get to my in-house mailbox I am lucky. So how much more do I have to do to get in on the marathon?

PI said...

Hoss: you did your marathon visiting Vicki's dad in Whoopsie. And I know I've got that spelling wrong.

Growing Up said...

No marathon for me i can't run the length of myself.

Kath said...

Hope you're better

PI said...

GU: that makes two of us!

kath: yes thanks. Now that I know what caused it I shall try to be more careful and not 'sit hunched over the computer' as my son put it.